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Foodstuff Production and Catering Management


Foodstuff Production and Catering Management




Speciality code 

1-91 01 01


Engineer. Technologist


Technology of production and catering management

Duration of training 

Full-time – 4,5 years

Part-time – 5,5 years

Basic subjects 

  • Physics
  • General chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Analytic chemistry
  • General biochemistry
  • Computer graphics
  • Thermal equipment
  • Processes and equipment of catering
  • Metrology, standardization and quality control
  • Organization of production at trade catering objects
  • Physiology of nutrition
  • Theoretical fundamentals of catering production technology
  • Commodity research and hygiene of catering
  • Food supplements
  • Further mathematics
  • Physical and colloid chemistry
  • Engineering graphics
  • Electronic equipment and computerization fundamentals
  • Technical microbiology
  • Economics, management and marketing in catering
  • Design of the enterprises in catering
  • Organization of production and service at trade catering objects
  • Fundamentals of intellectual property management

Basic professional competence of the graduate 

Processing materials into food

Design of menus and organization of catering

Conduct surveys about quality of catering

Research chemical and physical features of materials and prepared food

Sphere of occupation 

Production of food. Production of bread and bakery. Baby food production. Exploitation of food production equipment. Catering products sale.


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