Employees of the Science Library of YKSUG obtained experience of information service at libraries of Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland.


Employees of the Science Library of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno have finished a two-weeks training at Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland. It has been organized in the context of international technical assistance “Library Network Support Services: modernising libraries in Armenia, Moldova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries” by Erasmus+ programme.

During the training employees of the Science Library of YKSUG considered a number of issues, such as introduction into the marketing for librarians, management fundamentals for library staff, information competence and searching skills, innovation online services for the 21st century librarians, availability of the libraries and public services for the disabled students, development strategy of the library fund and English for particular purposes.

“We had run a SWOT-analysis of the Science Library of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and presented the results of it. Together with our colleagues from libraries of higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus, also participating in this project, we had presented marketing strategy for organizing National Day of Library Literacy in the Republic of Belarus”, told the employees of Science Library of our alma mater.

During the visit to Limerick, the representatives of the YKSUG met the experience of information service at libraries of the Limerick Institute of Technology and Limerick University. It’s worth mentioning, that libraries of the higher education institutions in Limerick use RFID systems for automatizing book issuing/return, RFID reader cards, RFID gates.

The training resulted in distributing modules for the further development of study programs. Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno was given a task to develop e-libraries.


Representatives of the University of Bialystok visited Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


The Vice-rector for education of the University of Bialystok Wojciech Śleszyński and the Director of the Institute of History and Political Sciences Jan Mieczysław Snopko met with the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Yury Bialykh.

The participants also were the Dean of the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism Alexander Nechukhrin and the Head of the Education Internalization Centre Elena Belokoz.

The parties discussed the organization of joint training of students of specialty "History" for the master's program. The representatives of partner universities also talked about the opening of a representative office of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno in the University of Bialystok and the implementation of numerous joint programs of cooperation. So, there are the exchange of students, joint research, webinars, projects and curricula between the two faculties of higher educational institutions on a regular basis.

At the end of the meeting Yury Bialykh on behalf of the rector Andrei Karol gave to the rector of the University of Bialystok Robert W. Ciborowski the invitation to visit YKSUG.


Students from the faculty of the economics and management will participate in IX International Economic Forum for Young Scientists “Economics in the eyes of youth”.

Economic Forum

Belarusian State Economic University will gather scientists, businessmen, young researchers, students of universities and colleges for the IX International Economic Forum for Young Scientists “Economics in the eyes of Youth” on 16 and 17 September.

Among the participants of the conference are Karolina Lapko and Semion Sorkin, students from the faculty of economics and management of YKSUG.

They will attend round table “Why be scientists” and talk-show with businessmen and scientists “Between science and practice” during the Forum. Also they are to visit “Thesis: from idea to successful defense”, which will be held by the Republic of Belarus Higher Attestation Committee representatives, BSEU Thesis Defense Board and the Committee of the highest qualification personnel training at BSEU.

Besides, our students will take part in round tables “Accounting and analysis”, “State and law”, “Management, marketing and logistics”, “Social and humanitarian aspects of economic growth”, “Technologies for economics”, “Touristic and sport economics”, “Finance and money circulation”, “Military economics”, “Innovation economics”.

Our students’ papers are going to be included into digest.



YKSUG celebrated Knowledge Day


About 900 students attended solemn ceremony, dedicated to the beginning of study year. The event took place in University Flag Square on 1 September, 2016.

There were honorable guests, as well. This year they were Yuri Senko, State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus Chairman, 3rd rank state counselor of the customs service; Ivan Tikhon, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games prizewinner, honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Belarus and silver medalist of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, YKSUG post-graduate student; Andrey Kovalchuk, Head of the Grodno region Customs; Vladimir Satsyuk, Deputy chief of the Department of Internal Affairs at Regional Executive Committee and Head of Public Security Militia; Valentina Ananyeva, Head of State Institute of Retraining and Qualification Upgrading for the Republic of Belarus customs employees, 1st rank counselor of the customs service; and Oleg Romanov, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Pedagogy), Ph. D.

The honorable duty to bring and raise the flag of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno was granted to the most outstanding students and post-graduate students of our alma mater, who give luster to our university by their achievements in fields of science and culture not only within Belarus, but also beyond. Among them were Chairmen of Student Coordinating Board and Volunteer Board of students, winners and participants of international Olympiads, sport competitions and beauty contests.

Andrey Korol, the Rector of YKSUG, addressed guests with greeting speech.

“Dear students, lecturers and honor guests, I congratulate you with the Knowledge Day!” said the Rector. “Knowledge might be different. There is knowledge that we get from the ocean of information, which is separated from a human and makes little sense. Such knowledge is not enough valuable, for it is easy to comprehend and, at the same time, easy to lose. But there is knowledge people obtain themselves, as a result of research, projecting or creativity. And that very knowledge is more wide, valuable and qualitative. But the most precious is knowledge, which changes person, breeds new aims and teaches us to analyze information”.

Andrey Korol wished students to be active at study, science and public life, to be creative, to manage their fates themselves. He also wished lecturers patience, good health and positive emotions. Rector also expressed the hope, that this high-day would become a notable event in the life of the University from the point of view of the achievements done and future possibilities.

Afterwards, Andrey Korol presented letters of gratitude to the Ivan Tikhon, silver medalist of the XXXI Summer Olympic Games, to the athletes Pavel Boreysha and Elena Soboleva for their participation in the most prestigious competitions in the world, and also to active students for their public activity in field of culture. Besides, some students were awarded Presidential Scholarships.

Ivan Tikhon, Yuri Senko and Oleg Romanov also wished their best to the students and lecturers of the YKSUG.

Event ended with demonstration performance by honor guard platoon of the Military faculty.



YKSUG and Norwegian University of Science and Technology entered into the cooperation agreement

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The campaign for the settlement in the dormitories has started in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


Representatives of the University met Ivan Tsikhan, the silver medalist of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, post-graduate student of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


The third week of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 at YKSUG: Belarusian wedding, boat trip on Neman and certificate presentation.


The third week of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 at YKSUG was the last for the foreign guests. At studies they discovered traditions and customs of our country, as well, as ancient history of Grodno and biographies of famous Grodno citizens.

The most exciting and impressive event of the week was improvised Belarusian wedding, during which foreign guests were observing traditional bridal gowns. Guests of the celebration joyfully took part in cooking festive meals, various contests, games and Belarusian dances.

Not less interesting were workshops on Belarusian music, dances and art, so called “vitsinanka”. At the Gymnasium #5 skillful trainers taught our guests to dance “Liavonikha” and how to play wooden musical instruments. Besides, during one of the workshops foreign guests made “vitsinanka”, handmade cards with Belarusian symbol, the tree of life. Participants of the Summer School have them taken home with them.

Foreign guests had also an opportunity to try Belarusian milk production during the guide tour to the “Molochniy Mir” JST. Listeners of the Russian Language Summer School enjoyed different kinds of Belarusian cheese, yoghurts, cream and were impressed by the quality and taste of Belarusian milk production.

A boat trip on the “Olga Solomova” ship was the one to remember. Teachers, listeners and volunteers enjoyed the view of the city, made photos and sang songs. Besides, they had an opportunity to take part in charity move “Prepare kids for school together”, during which they gathered money, so necessary for disabled kids and orphaned ones. On the next day participants of the Summer School bought stationery and presented it to the Grodno charity society.

ThelasteventoftheweekwasclosingoftheRussianLanguageSummerSchool 2016.

During the last interactive study participants shared their impressions about Belarus, Grodno and Summer School. During certificate presentation volunteers performed a song with such words: “We haven’t seen each other since last summer…”, and flash-mobbed again – performed a dance from the opening ceremony. “Summer School 2016” video presentation was a real surprise for the participants. Teachers have gathered about 100 photos, reflecting three weeks in Belarus.

Participants of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 made memory comments about the life and study in Belarus.



“Russian Language Summer School” project started at YKSUG in 2015. It was organized by the dean of the faculty of Pre-university training Yury Yatsentovich Romanovsky, jointly with lecturers of the Department of the Russian language as a foreign. Among them are Inna Yuryevna Samoylova, the Chair, associate professors Elena Ivanovna Bilutenko and Natalya Grigoryevna Muzichenko, senior lecturers Irina Grigoryevna Kraskovskaya and Tatyana Vladimirovna Cherkes and specialist Svetlana Anatolyevna Semenchuk.

Every year Summer School is being assisted by volunteers under the command of the 5th year student from the faculty of economics and management Yuliya Haponik.

ForthreeweeksforeignstudentsareproposednotonlytoimproveRussianlanguage, butalsodiscovercultureandtraditionsofBelarus.


Post-graduate student from YKSUG Ivan Tikhon wins silver medal at Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro


Belarusian hammer-thrower, YKSUG post-graduate student, Ivan Tikhon won a silver medal in finals on 19th August, during XXXI Summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio.

Since the first attempt Ivan set the pace of competitions in this sector, scoring 76m 13cm. It was evidently, that his closest rivals would be Dilshod Nazarov, athlete from Tadzhikistan, and Christian Pars, 2012 Olympiad golden medalist. They both declared a possibility to win medals since first attempts, as well. World champion 2015, Polish sportsman Wojcech Novicki, also tried to reach the pedestal. Nazarov’s third attempt granted him leadership, resulted in 78m 7 cm, and even improved his position afterwards with 78m 68cm. the fifth attempt was the best for Ivan Tikhon (77m 79cm), what granted him a silver medal.

“I feel bittersweet”, said Ivan Tikhon. “I have fought and have done everything I could, though I certainly wanted to do better, but what`s done is done. Each of us could reach a decent result”.

On the materials of National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus press-service


Students form Russian Language Summer School 2016 “celebrated a wedding” at YKSUG


Lecturers and volunteers of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 from Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno not only share their knowledge, but also try to introduce to them authentic Belarusian culture and traditions.

For the past three weeks at the Russian Language lessons foreign guests were told about the history of Belarus, got acquainted with Belarusian cinematography. During workshops they tried to make toys, decorated with Belarusian ornaments, as well, as learn how to dance “Liavonikha” and play some traditional music instruments.

“The most exciting knowledge of the Belarusian culture for foreigners was staged Belarusian wedding. During the rite they were presented a modern vision of traditional custom” , explains Russian Language Summer School 2016 volunteer Yuliya Haponik. “We have written an interesting scenery, full of various Belarusian wedding customs, and also cooked a lot of traditional meals, which excited our guests a lot”.

As a result of a draw, Lukas Sabik, a Slovenian student, got a role of a bridegroom, and Akane Namoto became bride. Mandatory parts of a wedding are matchmakers, best men and, of course, bride’s and groom’s parents. Their roles were taken by other Summer School students, and also Belarusian and Polish volunteers.

“It all began with matchmaking, and then the bride was kidnapped by the fairy villain – Solovey the Rogue, played by Francesco Prete.”, said Yuliua. ”Then the groom had to pay a ransom for his bride to mermaids, Triton and Baba Yaga. Lukas and his companions have overcome a number of trials and contests!”

Before sitting at the festive table, bride and groom tried genuine loaf, baked by volunteers, stood on rushnik and tried homemade kvass.

During the feast a bridal veil was removed, and bride’s best man sung a Belarusian traditional song “I bow before You”, and later, together with guests, the “Kupalinka” song.

There also was a lot of dancing. After the first bridal dance of the bride and groom, other guest of the tableful were proposed to learn traditional dance “Belarusian polka”. A huge portion of positive emotions was generated during “blind man’s buff” and “creek” games.

As a result of the wedding, bride and groom got handmade rings, improvised marriage certificates and pleasant memories. Other guests receive the excellent mood and eagerness to continue discovering of Belarusian culture and traditions.

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