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1-33 80 01 Ecology
Language of study  English
Mode of study  Full-time
Term of study  1 year
Entrance exams for foreign citizens 


(with an indication of the main disciplines studied)

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  • • Theory and methodology of environmental research
    • Innovative technologies in the field of ecology and protection
    • Methods of processing environmental data
    • Environmental physiology and public health
    • Assessment and management of climate risks
    • Use and protection of atmospheric air and water resources
    • Production and consumption waste management
    • Modeling and Forecasting Climate Change in Ecosystems
    • Decarbonization Strategy for Industry and Transport.

The program aims to train students in the ability to identify threats, risks, as well as opportunities associated with human activities at the global level; skills to maximize and control the development of environmentally friendly products and services

60 credits

The main competencies that

the graduate will acquire

  • Training scientific experts capable of developing experiments and models to gain knowledge in the field of evolutionary ecology relevant to environmental management. Professionals will have the ability to develop sustainable strategies and produce and sell products and services, while creating sustainable value for the company and society.

Options to continue education

(postgraduate specialties)

Postgraduate studies:
• Microbiology
• Biotechnology
Graduate certificate MASTER’S DEGREE DIPLOMA


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