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YKSUG resident became a judge of the first international multisport tournament "Games of the Future"

YKSUG resident became a judge of the first international multisport tournament "Games of the Future"

The first international multisport tournament "Games of the Future" was held in Kazan from February 21 to March 3. The competition program combined 21 innovative disciplines in the concept of digital, combining classical and digital sports. More than 2000 participants came to Kazan, who formed 294 teams. Yuri Stepin became the referee of the tournament.

The Games of the Future tournament in Kazan was an incredible event where the judges played a key role in ensuring honesty and fairness at every stage of the competition. Yuri Stepin, senior lecturer at the Department of Mathematical and Information Support of Economic Systems at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, showed high professionalism and responsibility while working as a judge at this tournament. His strict but fair approach to evaluating the performances of the participants helped to maintain the atmosphere of the competition at the highest level. Yuri Stepin's participation in the "Games of the Future" was an invaluable contribution to the development of sports culture and digital technologies.

It should be noted that the games were held at 11 competition venues in Kazan, Innopolis and the federal territory of Sirius. The main space of the tournament, where the opening and closing ceremonies were held, as well as many competitions, was the Kazan Expo Exhibition Center. The total number of spectators at the tournament venues exceeded 300 thousand people.

The winners and prize-winners of the first Games of the Future were 236 athletes from Russia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Spain, South Korea, the Philippines, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia.

The interest in the "Games of the Future" turned out to be comparable to the main events in the world of sports. The content distribution system includes more than 280 broadcast channels, including major international and national media holdings. More than 800 hours of live broadcasts have been organized during the competition.

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