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YKSUG honored the 2016 alumni

YKSUG honored the 2016 alumni

   For the first time, the solemn event took place at the University Flag Square. To the event were invited the best YKSUG alumni, university administration, deans of the faculties, honorable guests, parents and friends of YKSUG students.


   Rector Andrey Dmitrievich Korol addressed his opening speech to the guests of the solemn meeting. He wished alumni to have an ability to hear themselves, set the goals and act in the way, which would lead to completing the goals set. Andrey Dmitrievich wished alumni find wisdom within themselves and the answers, which are needed constantly in professional activities.

   Honorable guest, the director of “Grodno Meat Processing and Packing Factory”, JSC, the chairman of the Faculty of Economics and Management Personnel Training Coordinating Council wished alumni activity and initiative. He also said that right at the beginning of the working, alumni would meet a completely different life, which would demand responsibility and determination from young specialists.

   After that, the Rector of YKSUG and the honorable guest bestowed Diplomas on higher education, letters of gratitude and academic badges, which symbolize graduating from the university, to the best 2016 alumni, among whom were laureates of various awards for the achievements in the field of science, prizewinners of sport competitions, and winners of creativity contests. Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Svetlana Yakovlevna Kostritsa addressed to the alumni on behalf of deans and lecturers. She marked that student not only gets a profession in the university, but also learns how to withstand troubles, how to strengthen the character, as well, as how to communicate and make friends.

   Law Faculty alumnus, Olga Nazarova on behalf of all alumni thanked the university authorities, lecturers and parents for the support and help during the time spent in YKSUG. Father of the Military Faculty alumnus Aleksei Kutafin, Nikolay Viktorovich Kutafin addressed the attending on behalf of all parents.

   The solemn part ended with a waltz.

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