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A visiting professor from Turkey will give lectures at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

For four days, Candidate of Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of the Business School, Head of the Distance Learning Center of Istanbul Medipol University Gökhan Silahtaroğlu will give lectures to our students and get acquainted with the potential of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

The working visit was opened by a meeting of Gokhan Silakhtaroglu and First Vice-Rector of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Yury Ramanouski, which was also attended by Maryna Karpitskaya, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, Yury Hniazdouski, Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Alena Livak, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Scienсe, Aleksandr Vorontsov, Dean of the Faculty of Innovative Mechanic Engineering, Marina Kolotsey, Head of the educational and methodological department, Volha Minava, Head of the Department for International Relations, Volha Piarkova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign languages, interpreter.

The participants of the meeting discussed the work of faculties and structural units and expressed hope for close cooperation.

The visiting professor will give lectures on the following topics «Network Security Problems» (discipline «Fundamentals of network technologies»), «Fundamentals of project management» (discipline «Computer Information Technology»). He will also conduct seminars and laboratory classes.

The visit takes place within the framework of the «Visiting Professor» program, and the Faculty of Economics and Management became the host.


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    Vladimir Kosov, Professor of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University visited Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

    Vladimir Kosov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan got acquainted with the scientific potential of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

    During the visit, a meeting between Vladimir Kosov, Professor of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University and Yuri Belykh, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, was held. During the meeting prospects of cooperation between higher education institutions were discussed.

    Vladimir Kosov also visited the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and got acquainted with the activities of the research laboratories of molecular-level spectroscopy, optics of nanostructures and radiation material science. Laboratory staff told about the scientific potential of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, indicating the demand for scientific equipment by the teams of many institutions of higher education and scientific organizations.

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      Legendary athlete Aleksandr Karelin became an Honorary Professor of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

      On the 21st of October the Rector of our University Iryna Kiturka awarded an honorary certificate of conferring the title to Aleksandr Karelin during a meeting with students, staff of the Yanka Kupala State University and the sporting community of Grodno.


      During the event, the famous wrestler spoke about his professional path, self-improvement and reflected the fighting spirit and the desire to win. The meeting was held in the format of an open dialogue. Everyone could ask the guest a question and get an exhaustive answer to it.

      «I am sure that October 21 will be one of the brightest and most memorable days of 2021 for many of us. It was on this day that we had the opportunity not only to see with our own eyes the person who in 2021 was recognized as the youngest ever winner of the Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling, but also to fathom a wisdom that is not drawn from books, but is born on the basis of personal experience. The experience of a legendary man, the idol of many generations of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Today we are present at a meeting with a Hero of the Russian Federation, three-time winner of the Olympic Games, nine-time world champion, twelve-time European champion, thirteen-time champion of the USSR and Russia, holder of the title of the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of the twentieth century, Doctor of Pedagogics, professor and an amazing person – Aleksandr Karelin» noted Iryna Kiturka, introducing the guest.

      The meeting with Kupala students is not accidental: the national team of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno has won the Republican Universiade more than once. In addition, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno has a glorious sports tradition in Greco-Roman wrestling.

      «I was lucky enough to be together with Aleksandr at various Greco-Roman wrestling championships. I always noticed the qualities that made him stand out noticeably among other athletes: curiosity, responsibility and discipline» said Viacheslav Maksimovich, Professor of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, Honored Coach of the USSR in Greco-Roman wrestling, who, in fact, initiated this meeting.

      According to Aleksandr Karelin, this format of meetings with young people has always been a priority to him. The three-time Olympic champion not only spoke about his path to sports, the role of coach Viktor Kuznetsov, but also answered all questions concerning high performance sport and personal experience.

      His quotes "The struggle does not take away strength – it gives strength", "Find time, not excuses", "It is not the one who missed the move who loses, but the one who is ready to lose", "Life should be treated greedily" will be remembered for a long time.

      The Olympic champion wished the students to never give up and always achieve their goals despite obstacles.

      At the end of the meeting, the Rector of the University, Iryna Kiturka, announced the unanimous decision of the University Council and presented a certificate awarding Aleksandr Karelin the title of Honorary Professor of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

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        Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno takes part in the XXVII International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies "TIBO-2021"

        At the exhibition in Minsk, Kupala University presents its own innovative developments in the field of information technology.

        At the International Forum "TIBO-2021" Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno presents about a dozen innovative developments. Among them are several electronic services. In particular, the exhibition presents a digital system of interaction with potential applicants at the stages of career guidance and admission to the university, including such an electronic service as the "Digital Office of the Applicant". In addition, an automated control system for organizing foreign business trips has been created and is successfully operating at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. The corresponding electronic service for supporting international activities "Academic Mobility" was also included in the exposition of the university at the forum "TIBO-2021".

        The Kupala University representatives share their experience in creating an automated system for comprehensive accounting and analysis of students' achievements in educational, scientific and educational work, and demonstrate the most interesting start-up projects created in the Projects and Startups Studio using information technologies in business and education. In addition, the exhibition features modern technologies for processing and analyzing information, automated control systems for spectral measurements, developed by scientists from Yanka Kupala State University, as well as a presentation of the university's international projects related to the development of educational technologies and distance learning.

        TIBO is a unique platform for the exchange of international best practices related to the introduction of trends in the field of information technology in the economy, business, science, education and other spheres of society. More than 140 organizations from Belarus, Azerbaijan, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries take part in the XXVII International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies "TIBO-2021", which takes place on June 1-4 in Minsk.


        In Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno were signed agreements on international cooperation with two universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan

        Rector of Urgench State University Bakhrom Abdullaev and Rector of Karakalpak State University Akhmet Reymov paid an official visit to Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

                 A delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan, consisting of representatives of two institutions of higher education, arrived in Grodno at the invitation of the Yanka Kupala State University. As the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Yury Bialykh noted, it was YKSUG that initiated the establishment of mutually beneficial contacts with Urgench and Karakalpak State Universities. Potential partners were offered a study visit to Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno in order to substantively discuss promising areas for further interaction in the field of education, science and upbringing of students.

                 The visit of the delegation from Uzbekistan began with an official event with the participation of the rector of the Yanka Kupala State University Irina Kiturko. During the round table meeting, heads of universities presented their educational institutions and told in what directions they see further cooperation.

                 «At the moment, the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno has concluded more than 200 agreements on international cooperation. Yanka Kupala State University interacts with the universities of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the framework of 8 agreements. oint educational program for the training of specialists with a higher education of the I stage with the Tashkent State University of Law in the specialty "International Law" according to the "3 + 1" scheme, a joint educational program for the "2 + 2" scheme for the training of specialists with higher education of the I stage Karshi State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics - are being successfully implemented. » said Irina Kiturko.

                 Work in this direction continues, said the rector of YKSUG. Recently, an agreement was signed on joint educational programs for training specialists with higher education of the I stage with Kokand State Pedagogical Institute named after Mukimi in four specialties: "Applied Mathematics", "Bioecology", "Psychology" and "Fine Arts and Computer Graphics". At the moment, a joint educational program is being designed with Karshi State University for the training of specialists with higher education of the II stage in the specialty "Computer engineering (programmable complexes, systems and services)".

                 During an official event at Yanka Kupala State University, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Yanka Kupala State University Yury Bialykh drew the attention of participants of the dialogue to the development of potential related to tourism.

                 «I want to note that the first student from Uzbekistan who entered our university chose the specialty "Tourism and Hospitality", and here we see great potential. Our regions are attractive for tourists. On the territory of the Grodno region, 80 percent of the entire historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus is concentrated. » said Yury Bialykh

                 Vice-Rector for Science at YKSUG Yury Ramanouski, in turn, noted that a strong mathematical school has been created at our university. And here Yanka Kupala State University could also find points of contact with Urgench State University, the rector of which named good preparation of students in mathematical specialties among the advantages of his educational institution. In addition, the participants of the meeting expressed their interest in the implementation of joint projects in research activities.

        `        Summarizing what was said, the participants of the event agreed that there are many prospects for cooperation between universities, but it is necessary to highlight the main aspects on which the partners will have to focus in the near future. The meeting ended with the signing of agreements on international cooperation between Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and Urgench State University, as well as Karakalpak State University.

                 Discussion of promising areas of mutually beneficial cooperation continued on the basis of Science and Technology Park of Yanka Kupala State University. A tour of the Technopark was organized for representatives of the delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan, during which residents talked about their activities and innovative projects. There was also a presentation of Studio of Projects and Startups of YKSUG. Then the delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan took part in the seminar "On the scientific and educational activities of the departments."

                 Reference information:

                 Urgench State University has 11 faculties, 36 departments, in which bachelors and masters are trained in 58 educational areas and 27 specialties. More than 16 thousand students study at the university, the teaching staff is 677 people. Urgench State University is actively involved in Erasmus + projects, collaborating with such universities as University of Aquila (Italy), University of Porto (Portugal), University of Keele (England), University of Padua (Italy), University of Cantabria (Spain) and  Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

                 Karakalpak State University is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Uzbekistan. Training of young personnel is carried out in 49 bachelor's areas and 24 master's specialties. The university has 48 Doctors of sciences and professors, more than 200 PhD and associate professors. Karakalpak State University develops partnerships with more than 100 largest universities, takes part in educational programs TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, ERASMUS + within the European Commission.


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          Rector of Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute Botir Usmonov visited Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (VIDEO ADDED)

          During the visit on April 28, the prospects for cooperation on the implementation of joint educational programs were discussed.

          The visit of Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute management to the YKSUG took place less than two months after the conclusion of an agreement on cooperation between the universities. The document was signed on March 4, 2021 during the visit of the Belarusian delegation to the Republic of Uzbekistan, in which YKSUG was represented by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Yury Bialykh. Preliminary agreements were reached on joint scientific research on areas of mutual interest, the projecting and implementation of joint educational programs, on the organization and conduct of internships for teachers and students of Tashkent Chemical-Technology Institute at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. 

          The discussion of the agreements that have already been achieved continued during the visit to the University of Partners from Uzbekistan. As part of a small delegation were the Rector of Tashkent Chemical-Technology Institute, the Usmonov Botir, as well as the Head of Department of the Double Degree, Anvar Shernaev. Usmonov Botir drew attention to the fact that in Uzbekistan, in recent years, great attention is paid to the field of education. At the same time, he emphasized his interest in more detailed familiarization with the achievements of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno in the field of education, science, as well as commercialization of scientific activities.

          «We are interested in your work experience. Therefore, we strive to build good relationships, establish mutually beneficial cooperation with universities of the Republic of Belarus, because the scientific potential of your country is very high. However, we have similar sectors of the economy. And our countries cooperate at the highest level in various directions - chemical industry, mechanical engineering, food and humanitarian sphere, culture. I am confident that academic mobility, exchange of teachers, methodology support will be useful to both states. » noted Botir Usmonov.

          The Rector of YKSUG, Irina Kiturko, agreed that cooperation with Uzbekistan becomes a strategic and priority direction for the establishments of Belarus.

          «We already have experience working with universities in Uzbekistan. The first cooperation agreement was concluded with Tashkent State Transport University in 2009. To date, there are already 8 such agreements. I would like to note that 4 of them were signed last year. The vectors of cooperation are very wide. First of all, these are academic mobility programs for students and university staff. This is the Visiting Professor program, joint training of specialists, joint educational programs. » Irina Kurturko shared. 

          Irina Kiturko also noted that at the moment at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, joint educational programs are being implemented to train specialists of Undergraduate education with Tashkent State University of Law, specializing in «International Law», as well as with Karshi State University, specializing in «Applied Mathematics». An agreement is being developed on joint educational programs for training specialists of Undergraduate education with Kokand State Pedagogical Institute named after Mukimi in four specialties: «Applied Mathematics», «Bioecology», «Psychology» and «Fine Arts and Computer Graphics».

          In turn, representatives of Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute expressed interest in the implementation of a joint educational program in the specialty «Foodstuff Production and Catering Management. » Moreover, they drew attention to the fact that they are ready to conduct a dialogue both on the joint training of specialists of Undergraduate education, and on the possibility of implementing joint educational programs at the level of secondary specialized education.

          «Indeed, Technological College is a part of both Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute. We are also interested in establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between our colleges. » rector of YKSUG Irina Kiturko continued the topic.

          The director of Technological College of Yanka Kupala  State University of Grodno Andrey But, Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Ecology Alexander Karevsky, Head of the Department of Technology, Physiology and Nutritional Hygiene Natalia Bashun also took part in the discussion of possible areas of cooperation. After the negotiations were over, the guests were given an excursion around the university, as well as around the city with a visit to OJSC «Molochny Mir». In the near future, the delegation of YKSUG plans to visit Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute with a return visit.


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            The II International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference "Social, Cultural and Communicative Practices in the Dynamics of Social Development" was held at Kupala University

            Scientists from Belarus, Russia and China took part in the conference.

            The scientific forum was held at the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno on May 20 and 21 in an online format. As part of the conference, researchers from the three countries discussed historical processes through the prism of the development of socio-cultural practices, trends in the development of historical science, the culture of communications in the context of digital and socio-cultural globalization. Also, the problem field of the scientific forum covers sociology and social practices, intercultural communication in institutional and everyday practices.

            Promising areas of cooperation with Tashkent State University of Economics were discussed at Yanka Kupala State University

            The meeting of representatives of the two universities took place online on April 26.

            At the beginning of the event, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Yury Bialykh greeted colleagues from Uzbekistan and told about YKSUG in a presentation format. Then the main directions of international activities of Tashkent State University of Economics were presented by Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Dilshod Rakhmonov. The participants of the videoconference discussed the possibility of exchanging staff and students for undergoing study and internships, as well as for giving lectures as part of the «Visiting Professor» program. The exchange of students for training and participation in specialized summer schools was also discussed. The participants agreed to get acquainted with the curriculum in economic and tourism specialties in the near future to work out mutually beneficial areas of cooperation.

            Following the results of further joint work, the representatives of both sides have planned to sign a cooperation agreement between Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and Tashkent State University of Economics.

            Reference Information: About 10 thousand students study at Tashkent State University of Economics at five faculties - economics, international tourism, corporate governance, accounting and audit, information systems in economics. Among the university employees there are 656 Professors, 10 Doctors of Science. Tashkent State University of Economics has more than 100 international agreements and actively cooperates with higher educational institutions from more than 30 countries of the world. It also conducts a joint double degree program with Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

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              Students of Janka Kupala state University of Grodno are invited to participate in the international vocal competition "Music of the soul».
              Only video and audio recordings with live performances without elements of editing are accepted for participation in the vocal competition.
              Soloists-vocalists, ensembles and choirs from any educational institutions, supplementary education establishments, Houses and Palaces of culture, vocal studios, centers of aesthetic education from the Russian Federation and countries of the near and far abroad are invited, just creative people all ages.
              The singing competition takes place all the year round. Participants receive diplomas, teachers – thank-you notes and works are evaluated weekly until the end of the competition. After the competition, an additional voting round is held and one participant is selected to be awarded the Grand Prix of the competition.
              Acceptance of the 1st stage works: from September 1 to September 30, 2020;
              Evaluation of the 1st stage: from October 1 to October 7, 2020;
              Announcement of the contest results: from October 8, 2020.
              Works for the competition are accepted in electronic form with the note "for vocal competition" at e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
              • Pop and jazz singing/ performances in a foreign language are also allowed;
              • Academic and choral singing/ pop Russian songs and romances, soviet songs, songs from movies;
              • Folk and ethnic singing/ pop arrangements, stylization;
              • Patriotic song;
              • Original song.
              Details and regulations about the competition can be found on the website of the international innovation center "PERSPEKTIVA PLUS».

              A competition for applications by the Erasmus+ program has been announced for students, undergraduates and postgraduates of Yanka Kupala state University to study at European universities in the 2020/2021 academic year (spring semester):
              University of Granada (Granada, Spain) – 1 mobility course
              Lomza State University of Applied Sciences (Lomza, Poland) – 2 mobility courses
              Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 1 mobility course
              Cadiz University (Cádiz, Spain) – 1 mobility course
              University of Pecs (Pecs, Hungary) – 3 mobility courses
              LAB University of Applied Sciences (Lahti, Finland) – 2 mobility courses
              University of Alcalá (Alcalá, Spain) – 3 mobility courses
              Academy of performing arts in Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia) – 1 mobility course
              Istanbul Bilgi University (Istanbul, Turkey) – 1 mobility course
              For more information follow the link: https://www.grsu.by/component/k2/item/18823.html
              A signed application and a set of documents must be submitted to the internationalization coordinators at the faculty, as well as to be sent to the following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until September 29, 2020.
              For more information, please contact the internationalization coordinators at the faculty and the department of international projects and academic mobility at address Ozheshko, 22, room 104A, tel. 72-10-57.

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