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The State Flag of the Republic of Belarus                    The State Emblem of the Republic of Belarus



Reference data 

Official Name

Republic of Belarus



Official languages

Belarusian and Russian

Total land area of Belarus

207,600 km²


9.491,8 million (on 1 January 2018)

Currency of Belarus

Belarusian rouble (Br)


The Republic of Belarus has a temperate continental climate. It is formed under the influence of Atlantic air masses and characterized by rainy, not-hot summer, mild winters with frequent thaws, unstable weather in autumn and winter.

Average temperatures

Average temperatures vary across Belarus. In January, temperatures average from -4.5°C to -8°C. In July the average temperature is +17°C to +18.5°C.

Some parts of Belarus experience sub-zero temperatures for more than a third of the year.


Fallout of precipitation.

Belarus has an average annual rainfall of 600-700 mm. 70% of the rain falls from April to October.

Belarus also enjoys 75-125 days of snow each year, with falls ranging from 15 to 30cm.

Emergency phone numbers

112 - Unified number for emergency services

101 - Fire brigade

102 – Police

103 - Emergency medical services

104 - Gas leaks

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