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The winner of the XXII contest of amateur art performances of first-year students "Alma mater – love from the first course" defined in the Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno

The winner of the XXII contest of amateur art performances of first-year students "Alma mater – love from the first course" defined in the Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno.

The contest of amateur art performances among first-year students "Alma mater – love from the first year" become a  tradition, which for more than 20 years carried out in international Students day in Kupala’s university.

17th  November: On the main stage of the Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno, a new generation of talented, active, energetic and resourceful first year students of the four faculties originally revealed the theme of this year competition "Success begins with the first course."

Students of Law faculty did it better than others.Guys got a diploma of 1st place, prizes and a certificate for tour trip and also to be on cover of the magazine about the city of Grodno. By the way, the team of the faculty for the second consecutive year, becoming the best in the competition.

 Second place won  by  the team of faculty of Physical Culture, third – the team of foreign students. Diploma of the participant's team received the faculty of Innovative Mechanic Engineering.

A University-wide celebration of talent was visited by the Vice-rectors, deans, staff and teachers. To support the finalists came with their parents, friends and students of this university – those who have a passion for this creative project and to the university.

The contest opened by first rector Irina Kiturko, who congratulated all the students with the International students day and noted that the competition is very important, as it allows to unite the students, helps them make friends and discover the talents. Irina Fedorovna wished the students to carry the love for their “alma mater” through life and always remember that they are part of a big family of Kupala university.

Warmed up the hall before the final performances,show of the best dance performances that the students presented during the qualifying rounds.

The competition program started with a presentation of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering. The guys offered a hall with a faculty student to travel back in time and moved the audience first in the 70-ies of the last century in the office of the then unknown company Steve Jobs, then in the days of the great artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, the next stop was the eighteenth century – the time of life and creativity of Alexander Pushkin, ended the journey in the dressing room of the infamous Marilyn Monroe. She learned how each of these famous people achieved success and what obstacles they had to overcome. In conclusion, kopilovtsi noted that all the discoveries made by these people is the ability to change the world for the better, and succeed who makes these discoveries selflessly.

Students of faculty of physical culture ,transformed the stage of the university, in the circus called "Value of the Manege" . The boys story  – it is memories of a clown who thanks to their determination and fortitude helped to rise his team of circus artists, clowns, acrobats – and to repel evil and greedy director. The name of the circus students have chosen not by chance: the Values of the Manege are universal values such as solidarity, team spirit, willingness to go forward and not give up no matter what. It is from this, according to the guys, starts the success of any person.

Cheerful musical from students of the Law faculty of amused spectators. The story of students begins in our days, when one of the students suggested that experience and the success of his ancestor, whom is fearless Robin Hood. Students presented an exciting story of forest brigand, who thanks to the skill and ingenuity overcomes many obstacles on his way and is not afraid to conquer new heights. History students cut off abruptly at the most interesting moment.

No matter how spectacular the success of our ancestors, we should write our story ourselves – the final phrase of students.

The celebration ended with the cognitive performance of foreign students. The guys played a game of "Who wants to be a millionaire?". Answers to questions on the history and traditions of the East,answers to main character were not easy, helpers in the game for him were the many memories of the colorful events that took place at the University, and the knowledge that he got from teachers and friends. All of it helped the hero to win the money for celebration of international Students day , but together with friends he decided to send them to charity. Successful, it's someone who is generous.

In the framework of the competition, the jury awarded diplomas to the winners of the faculty representatives in 15 categories.

So, in the nomination "the Best choreography" has won the faculty of history, communication and tourism.

Best dance team recognized as team of the law faculty. Magister of the faculty Igor Azarov and first-year student Gleb Kumantsov won in the category "Best male role and Best male role of the second plan", respectively. Also the team became the best in nomination "Best Direction".

The victory in the nomination "Best actress" went to the representative of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering Polina Sitsko, "the Best female role of the second plan" – also a student of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering  Polina Gubeshko.

The best recitation was presented by the student of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering Alexei Petrov.

Best set design were at the faculty of physical culture. In addition, the students presented the best shows of original genre.
           The best singer, according to the jury, recognized the student of the faculty of arts and design, Anastasia Sanko, singer – student of the faculty of mathematics and Informatics, Pham Van Anh, best vocal ensemble – the team of philological faculty.
           The best final song was performed by the freshmen of the faculty of biology and ecology.
           The best scenario was the team of foreign students.

Partners of the contest of Amateur art  performances of first-year students "Alma mater – love from the first course" was organized by the trade union of the  Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno.NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" and RPA “Belaya Rus”

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