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YKSUG holds Russian Language Winter School for the 3rd time

8 visitors froma abroad are going to be improving the knowledge of the Russian Language since February 4 till February 17.

For the new knowledge and practice of the language, students from the Institute of Russian Studies of Gdansk University will come to Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno with whom long-standing contractual relations have been established at the Department of Language training of Belarusian and foreign citizens of the Faculty of pre-university training. Among the participants is a student from Germany and a graduate student from Italy who took part in the Summer School of the Russian Language in 2015. The second time, a student from Poland, who was also a participant of the Summer School of 2015, will come as a volunteer.

Foreign guests will attend lectures on the history and culture of Belarus, classes "Karaoke in Russian", culinary classes "Belarusian cuisine", excursions in Grodno with a visit to one of the enterprises of the city, a trip to the capital of Belarus, master classes and film schools. In addition, daily foreigners will be able to practice Russian with students of Grodno University.

Upon completion of the project, foreign students will receive a certificate of the participant of the Winter School of the Russian Language at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

Let it be reminded that for the first time the Russian Language Winter School was held in 2016. The project is a continuation of the Russian Language Summer School, which was first organized in 2015. Currently, the Summer and Winter Schools are successfully operating at the Kupala University and annually gather dozens of foreigners wishing to learn Russian and get acquainted with the unique culture, traditions, nature and architecture of Belarus. The initiator and organizer of the project is the Department of Language training of Belarusian and foreign citizens of the Faculty of pre-university training.

Students of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno have fulfilled the New Year wishes of the pupils of the Vasilishkivsky care home

Within the framework of the republican charity event "Our Children", a New Year's party at the boarding school was visited by the leadership and students of GRSU.

Congratulating everyone on the upcoming holidays, Rector Irina Kyturko noted that the representatives of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno traditionally come to the Vasilishki boarding school for disabled children with special physical and psychological development on the eve of the New Year and Christmas to congratulate the children. Irina Kyturko wished the pupils and the administration of the institution of happiness, goodness and fulfillment of desires in 2018. As a New Year gift from the Grodno State University, the rector bought a certificate to strengthen the material and technical base of the institution, as well as a number of other pleasant prizes.

The representatives of the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Biology and Ecology presented themselves as real fairy magicians. The students of Grodno State University red all the letters (there were more than a hundred), which were addressed by the children of the institution to Santa, and also they prepared the coveted gifts for the children. In addition, students and teachers of the faculties of pre-university training, mathematics and computer science, history, communication and tourism, the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Education received sweet prizes for the charity Christmas and New Year gatherings.

The administration of the care home for handicapped children with special psychophysical development thanked the representatives of Grodno University for their cooperation, sensitivity and ability to empathize, the ability and desire to support those who need help.

Andrei Lobovich, the first Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus, Alina Voroniuk, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee - Head of the Pension and Benefit Administration, as well as representatives of local authorities, public organizations and NGOs came to congratulate the students on the New Year. Givinging the presents, the adults together with the children danced in a round sang New Year's songs and exchanged wishes of good and luck in the new 2018 year.


Christmas meetings took place at the Faculty of Philology of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

The pre-holiday events, which are traditionally held by the Department of Polish Philology of the Philological Faculty, was visited by , Yaroslav Ksenez, the Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Grodno.

Students, participants of the civil-patriotic project "Living History", prepared a program in which everyone could demonstrate the skill of mastering an artistic word. GRSU students connected live music with a literary and historical excursion "Journey on the eve of Christmas", recitation of poems and singing of Christmas songs, which, incidentally, was performed not only by the students themselves, but also by students of language courses for people of retirement age at the Center for Social Services of the Population of Oktyabrsky District Grodno. By the way, for many years the course of the Polish language for elderly Grodno students is conducted by Elena Antonevich, the student of the philological faculty.

- Christmas holidays carry an unusually powerful life-affirming beginning, when people's hearts are filled with kindness. Christmas – as the great day of the whole Christian world - has long been accompanied by colorful folk customs. This is one of the main family holidays. Within the prefeast and afterfeast, the holiday of the Nativity of Christ lasts for twelve days and, undoubtedly, is filled with our kind wishes, charitable actions, attentive attitude to children and people of advanced age, - Olga Pan'kova, assistant professor,  the head of the civil-patriotic project "Live History", noted.

At the meeting, the participants of this project recalled the charity work of Eliza Ozheshko: a participant of the civil and patriotic project "Living History" in the image of an outstanding writer of the Prinemansky Part held a quiz "Traditions and Symbols of the Christmas Eve".

Yaroslav Ksenez , Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Grodno drew the attention of all participants to the unique atmosphere of the Christmas holidays, forcing people to become kinder and lighter.

"In the world of everyday worries, Christmas Eve unites us together and allows us to look at each other more closely, because it is impossible to express wishes in haste, without looking closely at dear people's eyes,"- the head of the Polish diplomatic corps in Grodno stressed.

Inna Lisovskaya, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, noted the special importance of the profession of teachers, tutors, educators, who work with young people, and also expressed gratitude to the students who prepared an interesting, rich program.

Symbolically, on the eve of the great Christian holiday, Father Viktor Bokhan, priest of the parish of the Most Holy Redeemer and archpriest Vladimir Borisevich, clergyman of the Holy Protection Cathedral, attended the meeting. Priests of both faiths pointed to the spiritual essence of the Nativity of Christ and the significance of genuine, enduring values, moral guidelines in the life of modern man.

Evgeny Pankov, associate Professor, Head of the Department of Polish Philology, in the final word-congratulation wished goods and joy to colleagues, students and their relatives.

The conference of the labor collective took place in the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University

The issues of the implementation of the Collective Agreement at the Yanka Kupala State University in Grodno following the results of 2017, changes and additions to the Collective Agreement and its annexes for 2018, as well as issues related to the activities of the university, were considered during the labor collective conference on December, 18.

"The most important thing in the organization is its executive and initiative  employees, on which the success of the university as a whole depends," Irina Kuturko, the rector of the University, said greeting the audience. - In the early 90's we were among the first who had a Collective Agreement. Initially, it was a three-page document. Today it is a solid, powerful document. Our collective agreement was repeatedly noted by external organizations as one of the best in Belarus. And it means that we are on the right way.

Speaking to the audience, Vasyl Senko, the pro-rector for educational work, and Igor Kerget, the chairman of the trade union of university employees, stressed that the Collective Agreement is based on social partnership, equality of the parties, compliance with legislative norms, the power to make commitments and take into account the real possibilities of material, production and financial provision of duties. At the meeting, Vasily Vasilievich and Igor Leonidovich presented the additions to the Collective Agreement in 2017 and told about the material and other support of the university staff, their encouragement and assistance in sanatorium treatment in the outgoing year.

Galina Sakomskaya, the Head of the Center for Personnel and Legal Work, presented the changes and additions of the Collective Agreement for 2018 to the conference participants. At the same time, her attention was focused on the fact that the basis of the draft Collective Agreement is the preservation of the basic conditions and provisions of the current Collective Agreement, additional social benefits and payments to employees, in excess of those stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Galina Stepanovna also answered the questions of employees and teachers of the Yanka Kupala State university.

During the conference, there were created commission to monitor the implementation of the Collective Agreement, also new commission on labor disputes, and the conciliation commission. Also, changes were made to the composition of the housing commission, the commission for sanitation and sanatorium treatment and the public commission on housing issues.

As addition:

Collective agreement of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno was developed and signed in 1990. GRSU became the second institution of higher education in the country after BSU, where this document appeared.

In 2011 the Collective Agreement of Grodno University became the winner of the demonstration-contest of collective agreements of educational institutions of the Grodno region. In 2012, at the Republican demonstration-contest of Collective Agreements of Educational Establishments of the Belarusian Professional Union of Workers of Education and Science, the document was awarded a diploma for the second place. In 2013, GRSU became a finalist of the contest of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus for the award for a significant contribution to the development of social partnership. In 2017, the Yanka Kupala State University became the finalists of this republican contest again.

The studio of the young journalist "Media STARt" started its work at the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

The first studio’s classes, which included the preparation of the entrants to enter the specialty "Journalism" for the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, started on December, 16.

"Media-STARt" is a unique creative laboratory of television, radio, press, theater and cinema, advertising and PR-technologies, which allows entrants to fully prepare for the introduction into the future profession.

- Classes in "Media-STARt" are some kind of mix 3в1- this is a lecture, a practical lesson, a master class. Classes are conducted by teachers and students of specialties "Journalism" and "Information and Communication", and journalists practicing of Grodno and the Grodno region. The task of the studio is to establish communication with the entrants, also prepare them for entrance examinations in the specialty "Journalism", - Kira Bludova-Goy, the head of the studio "Media-STARt", said.

This time the studio united pupils from schools, lyceums, gymnasiums of the Grodno city, and also pupils from Student Media Center of Grodno and Brest regions. Kira Bludova-Goy introduced the students to the teachers and students of the journalism department, she told them about the studio and the plan of it work in this academic year.

Then the entrants tried themselves in the role of TV journalists dring the master class "I'm on and behind the camera" and listened to the lecture given by Irina Pivovarchik, the assistant professor of journalism. Seminar "Shot, the grond, camera angle - the secrets of successful film and video shooting" was organized by Inna Minchuk, the acting director and the Head of the Department of Journalism, who spoke in detail about the creation of the news story and shared the nuances of this process.

It should be noted that classes in the studio of the young journalist "Media STARt" are held every Saturday from 12.00 to 15.00 on the Ozheshko, 22 street, aud. 333. The next meeting will be held on December, 23.

The teaching experience of legal disciplines in the Yanka Kupala State University is adopted in the Kazan (Privolzhsky) Federal University

At the present time, Professor Igor Martynenko, Head of the Department of Civil Law and the Process of the University of Grodno, conducts in an internally-distance form lessons on the preservation of the world cultural heritage in the post-Soviet space and in Eastern Europe at the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies of the KFU.

This is the first experience of teaching law at the higher educational institutions by the employees of the Kupala University.

As Professor Igor Martynenko, the head of the department of civil law and process, said that this demonstrate the recognition of the work of Belarusian specialists in developing legal measures to protect historical and cultural heritage, which take into account the experience of the CIS countries.

Igor Eduardovich is one of the participants in the development and implementation of unique training courses "Preservation of the World Cultural Heritage in the Post-Soviet Space and in Eastern Europe", "Normative and Legal Framework and Law Enforcement Practices for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the Russian Federation and CIS Countries" in the Kazan (Volga) Federal university. Currently, within the framework of the courses, the professor lectures for undergraduates of the specialization “International Relations” (World Cultural Heritage: International Management) of Kazakhstan, China, Russia and Turkmenistan in an internally-distance form.

The team of volunteers “Vesta +” of the Yanka Kupala Grodno State University successfully performed at the 5th International Festival of Volunteer Teams "Our Choice is a Healthy Way of Life!" (PHOTO)

Volunteers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Mongolia gathered at Polessk State University for the fifth time at the International Festival of Volunteer Teams "Our Choice is a Healthy Lifestyle!"

Yanka Kupala Grodno State University was represented for the second time by the team of volunteers “Vesta +”, which includes students from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Physical Culture. The team is headed by Elena Lapkovskaya, the Deputy Dean for ideological and educational work of the Pedagogical Faculty and Vitaly Tarasov, the Deputy Dean for ideological and educational work of the Faculty of Physical Culture.

On the first day of the festival, trainings and acquaintances were held. Participants presented their visiting cards and presentations of online designing in an unusual situation of interaction "If not we, who else?" and also they held a dance flash mob.

- Our volunteers have organized an interactive platform "The color of mood!" And actively proved themselves during the work of the discussion areas. Intest interest among the children was caused by the discussion "We write a book of the festival together!" to promote content in social networks,"- Elena Lapkovskaya said. - On World AIDS Day, December, 1, the GRSU students took part in an international online conference "Medical and social issues related to the prevention and treatment of HIV / AIDS" and became the organizers of the action "Become a Donor - Give Life" and participants in a sporting event.

The national volunteer team demonstrated their volunteer activity skills on the sites of the Center for Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation of the Pinsk district, and they visited the Pinsk Children's Hospital with the event "Hospital Clowns".

During the forum the participants had a unique opportunity to try their skills in gymnastics, yoga, Latin American and modern dances during the sports festival.

- During the festival participants received new knowledge, acquired the necessary experience and shared their own, they passed interesting tests, met new interesting people, and, most importantly, found many new friends," – Elena Nikolaevna said.

At the end of the holiday there was the concert "HLS - light with us!", Within the framework of which the Grodno University team performed with a musical miniature "You are leading a healthy lifestyle!".

The Week of Pedagogical Excellence started for the second time in the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

The Week of Pedagogical Excellence at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno became the next stage in the realization of the creative ideas of the participants of the author's course of Andrei Korol, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, "The methodology of teaching through discovery: how to teach everyone in different ways, but equally."

The results of the educational discoveries were presented by Yekaterina Pchelnik and Elena Lapish, lectuters of the Technological College Educational Institution "The Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno".

How to use the social network as an educational resource? The participants of the workshop together with the experienced presenters tried to answer this question. Particular attention was focused on the potential of the social network Instagram.

Yekaterina Pchelnik said:" At times teachers look skeptical at the possibilities of using social networks in the educational process. But if you come with a certain amount of imagination and creativity, Instagram will prove useful not only for communicating with students, but also for implementing a variety of teaching tasks".

The participants of the workshop, among them are lecturers, students, teachers, representatives of Grodno regional institute of the development of education, got a clear idea about increasing of opportunities of the usual training session, posting the results of the completed tasks of the Internet lesson, holding a contest of question, commenting on the results of the perfomed work, organizing a review of the mistakes with the help of Instagram. The presenters of the worhshop told about the usage of social networks for distribution of information about the activities of the Technological College and establishing contacts with the entrants.

The proposed topic evoked a warm response from the participants of the workshop. They were interested in the issues of the effective usage of the Instagram network in working with various groups of students. The possibilities of a reasonable combination of social networks and traditional forms of learning activity were actively discussed.

The administration and volunteers of the union "Nadezhda" of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno handed gifts to students of the Special Needs School No. 1

As part of pre-New Year's actions, the Faculty of Economics and Management did not miss the chance to arrange a small and sincere holiday for the children.

On December 4, Marina Karpitskaya, Chairman of the Primary Organization OO "BSG"of the Yanka Kupala State University, Alexander Kulikov, Vice-Dean On the Ideological and Educational Work of the faculty, Larisa Skvortsova, senior lecturer of the Department on International Business and Marketing, and students of the Faculty of Economics and Management, who are participants of the volunteers union "Nadezhda", made a visit to Grodno Special Needs School No. 1. Students handed to children stationery, toys, books, sports equipment, purchased with funds derived from charity fairs within the framework of the action"Hold a hand". It is reminder, that there everyone was able to realize their hand-made items and give warmth of their hands to children waiting for magic.

In the school, under the direction of Larisa Skvortsova, the students of the faculty organized a workshop and together with the children they made New Year cards.

The students said: "It's very nice to realize that we made them a little happier. In the eyes of the children there was so much happiness and joy that this could not allow anyone to stay indifferent on the eve of Christmas."

Graduate students of the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno became the diploma winners of the international contest "Mass Media Perspective 2017"

The final of the contest was held at the St. Petersburg State University. This year's competitive program "Virtual behavior vs. real consequences" was devoted to problems of Internet security and intelligent behavior in social networks.

Graduate students of the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno passed the elimination round and defended the project "#Instarules - this is for you!", focused on engaging teenagers in awareness with the rules of secure account management in the social network Instagram. Within the framework of the project, which was prepared under the guidance of Irina Gerasimchik, an assistant professor of the Department of Journalism, "#Instarules_foto", an interactive educational challenge, was developed. This challenge is part of "MediaDom", the faculty complex interdisciplinary project. Following the results of the competition, the team of the students of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno received a diploma of the finalist.

Apart from competitive part, useful workshops in the digital sphere were held for participants. The experts were Boris Grigoriev, Executive General Manager of the GenerationBrand & Communication agency, Olga Laktyushina, Communications Adviser of the IT company Sum & Substance and Viktor Naumov, Manager of the law firm Dentos, Head of Russian practice in the field of intellectual property, IT and telecommunications.

"Mass Media Prespective" is an annual international competition of student communication projects focused on searching of young professionals in the field of PR, journalism and advertising, who have the greatest professional and creative potential.

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