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YKSUG and Chongqing University of Technology (China) to begin joint training of undergraduates, Master students and Ph. D. students

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The announcement has been made on 29 November during the delegation of the Mathematics and IT department of Chongqing University of Technology visit to Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

Yury Bialykh, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs, greeted the delegation

–  Our universities have long mutual relations. Former mutual visits of Rectors determined the direction of cooperation for our HEI’s,– Yury Bialykh said. – We are glad to continue deep and fruitful cooperation.

The visitors in turn mentioned that within the inter-institutional cooperation there were a certain “point”, and it shall be transformed into the “line”, which itself shall be transformed into the “plane” of multi-faceted collaboration.

The Chinese delegation visited YKSUG in order to agree on a joint training agreement of undergraduates, Master students and Ph. D. students with the authorities of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. Besides, the parties are interested not only in increasing number of exchange students, but also of academic and administrative stuff.

– At the present three students from Chongqing University of Technology study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, ‑ added Czhian Fukhuo, Secretary of the Faculty of Mathematics and IT Party Committee. – We have 4 students from the University of Yours, back in China, who are on the internship in IT.

Within the visit, the Chinese delegation had a tour through YKSUG, visited YKSUG History Museum. Our guests also visited Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, evaluated the quality of auditoria classes, communicated with heads of the departments and discovered their directions of activities in the field of science and education.

Parties will have one more day to work on and approve study plans for joint training.

“Garage48” finished at YKSUG

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The winner is the team from Grodno, working on the messenger app for the busy people called “Scop”.

The competition began at YKSUG on 25th November and gathered over 100 participants. Those were students and graduates of universities, software developers, designers, PM’s, team leads, marketers, sales managers and even entrepreneurs from Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Georgia, Turkey and Brazil.

The task was to develop a software product and its business-plan within 48 hours.

– For two days participants worked hard to turn their ideas into real projects, which might be further promoted in the IT-service market,  – said Darya Shabala, one of the hackathon organizers. – A lot of participants brought sleeping bags with themselves: participants slept at University in order not to lose time on road to the hotel and back. Organizers arranged appetizers and hot tea&coffee.

On the first day the participants only presented their projects and thoughts of realization. The second day was fully devoted to the work. Developers designed a code for the app, designers worked on the appearance of the app or service, PMs planned problem solving, team communication and side issues, marketers designed promotion plans. And finally, on the third day teams polished their projects, considering comments and suggestions from mentors, who were representatives from IT companies from Estonia and Belarus. The contest ended with winners’ awarding. The competitors were addressed by Alena Livak, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of YKSUG.

– «Garage48» hackathon became possible mostly thanks to our famous graduate, MSQRD leader Euheny Neuhen, ‑ said Alena Livak. – I am so happy many participants came here to test their skills, to show their abilities. Participation in «Garage48» is a push to development. MSQRD itself was firstly presented during such event a year ago – and it got the prize! Now you see how high these men soar.

By the way, Euheny Neuhen and Siarhei Hanchar, popular face-swap app developers, addressed their greetings to the participants of the hackathon via video message. They congratulated everyone on the participation and had marked they would evaluate the results and take play active role during the vote.

– We hope the money prize for the 1st and 2nd places will be used for the further development of startup, ‑ said Euheny. – If you want your project 100% realized – make a public announcement, as we did. Some time ago we promised to launch MSQRD before Christmas Holidays. And at the end of December, 2015 world discovered our project!

The mentors decided that the best project was the project of Grodno team, “Scop” messenger, where text message is being sent without typing. They won the first prize of $ 1,000 from MSQRD

– We used to work on this app for the long time yet, ‑ told Grodno developers. – This year we decided to publish our project, let the users check it out, to see whether there would be any feedback, shall we promote it. And we got it!

The 2nd place and $ 500 prize went for “Meetalica” project. The app helps music-keen people find people with the same tastes in music and join up a band.

The third place was given to Intexsoft team with “IMeetU” app: they proposed a service, which purpose is to synch schedules of several busy persons to find a time for them to meet.

Moreover, teams were given special prizes, like training at IPM business school, trip to Estonia to the start-up conference, “Arduino” toolset for passionate robot designers. Those went to the developers of “131” (medical app, which helps monitor doctors’ schedules in polyclinics), «ContactUs» (app for searching most profitable product in online shops) and «Singapic» (app for picking a music according to the uploaded image).

The next «Garage48» hackathon by name «Women in Tech» will take place on 2-4 December, 2016 in Parnu (Estonia).

International hackathon “Garage48” starts at YKSUG

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For the first time Grodno welcomes the participants of “Garage48” international hackathon. The competition began in evening of 25th November at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and will last till Sunday. Teams of I.T. guys are to develop Web of mobile app, business-plan for it and present it to mentors.

Our city has been chosen to host the competition not on the occasion. As Kai Isand, one of the hackathon organizers, stated Euheny Neuhen and Siarhei Hanchar, developers of MSQRD, one of the world most popular app, studied here.

– Several years ago Euheny took part in “Garage48” and was inspired by team competitions. He wanted badly to bring that hackathon to his city. And here we are – Kai said.

The University Hall welcomed over 130 participants from Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Turkey and even Brazil. They’ve come to our city to gather in teams and develop a prototype of working product. Most of them are students and graduates of different universities. However, they compete alongside with software developers, designers, PM’s, team leads, marketers, sales managers and even entrepreneurs, as the grand prix is $1,500 from MSQRD to run a start-up. Besides, some of prizewinners will be able to go for a little trip to Estonia, study at IPM business school: organizers have arranged a range of surprises for contestants.

Kai Isand began the event with the proposition for the most initiative participants to present their ideas within 90 seconds. Within the minute and a half contestants should determine the main idea of the project, possible ways of the realization, commercialization options and announce specialists wish-list.

During the three-hours’ presentation participants proposed 27 projects. Those were the proposals for development of services and apps, which might solve a range of social issues and make people’s life easier. Among them were: Web-app for medical purposes, which is aimed to monitor doctors’ duties, book the queue and get the information about the medicines in the city drug stores. Some ideas were about maximum simple and functional trading platforms, which allow user choose from the variety of products the most advantageous one. Besides, the participants proposed several ideas for business – special assistant services for “white collars”. The participants also proposed ideas in fields of computer gaming, music, leisure, travel, mass-media, education and art.

The next stage was team gathering: at the university lobby “idea generator” posters appeared, where participants put stickers with their names declaring the wish to join the team. By the midnight made-up teams of developers began to work, which would last for two days. During this, the teams would be consulted by mentors – representatives of successful international IT companies, including Grodno. The results would be assessed on Sunday, 27th November by the experts from Exposit, Intexsoft, *instinctools.

Partners of the event are MSQRD, SPACE, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and High Tech Park in Grodno.


«Garage48» started on the initiative of six entrepreneurs, who met in Estonian start-up clubs. The first event was organized in April, 2010. The organizers managed to invite 100 participants within one week, and after two weeks of the start-up, the event was organized in Africa. “The pride of the Garage48” is three invested companies: Campalyst.com (social monitoring of mass-media services), QminderApp.com (online queue termination system) and MightyFingers.com (HTML5 engine for game development). Nowadays such contests are being arranged in Asia, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe.

Hakathon makes it possible for the hundreds of talented students and graduates to declare their ideas, embody it and get financing to bring it up and improve. Exactly “Garage48” made MSQRD team recognized in 2015.

The first “Garage48” was held in Belarus in 2013 and gathered more than 100 participants.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to the Republic of Belarus Martin Åberg visited YKSUG


The meeting between the delegation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden to Belarus and authorities and students of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno took place on 23 November within the familiarization visit of Martin Åberg to the Grodno Voblast.


The delegation was welcomed by the Iryna Kiturka, Senior Vice-rector.

– We truly appreciate Your diplomatic work, which is aimed to spreading and strengthening the cooperation between Belarus and Sweden in politic, economic, social, cultural and educational fields,  – noted Iryna Kiturka. – We hope for equal dialog, trust-based partnership and for good bilateral working relations between the Embassy and the Universyty, which will bring a lot of high results.

The Senior Vice-rector mentioned, that YKSUG if a classical-type higher education institution, which is recognized as the best university in the region. They teach here all kinds of specialists: from humanitarian to technical.

The Ambassador, on behalf of the delegation expressed the appreciation to the representatives of our alma mater for the possibility to discover Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and added that the visit might be helpful for tightening contacts between Sweden and Grodnon Voblast, as well, as with YKSUG particularly.

During the meeting parties discussed on the possible options of cooperation. Our university considers important broadening of cooperation between Swedish HEIs in fields of education, science, culture, academic mobility of staff and students, development of networking programs of M.A. specialties and international projects. Besides, the guests were told about YKSUG projects, which help to establish relations with European HEIs. Those are Summer and Winter Russian Language Summer Schools. They, as Henadz Hachko, the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs mentioned, reveal Belarus before foreign guests as the country with unique nature and culture. By the way, this project interested the Ambassador. He plans to spread a word about RLS among Swedish universities.

After the meeting, Martin Åberg had a conversation with students and arranged little Q&A. YKSUG students were especially interested in the Ambassador’s student time, why he chose to be an ambassador, some questions about swedish mentality and culture. The Ambassador also shred his impressions of Belarus and the Belarusians.

– The Belarusians and the Swedish are much alike, we have much in common. Our people are a bit withdrawn, but only at first sight. We are well-organized and work hard. Having in mind, that urbanization happened to Sweden later, than to other European countries, we love the nature and keep it safe. And, of course, both our countries love hockey, –  finalizedMartin Åberg.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to the Republic of Belarus took part in opening of the lecture by Swedish children’s writer Eva Susso, who presented her new book “Yeti in Minsk” to the students of the Faculty of Arts and Design. During the meeting, the writer told YKSUG students about the necessity of illustrations in children’s book, about the details of illustrating, and also mentioned how the illustrator cooperates with the writer.

The visit continued with the presentation of Swedish study and research programs for undergraduates, M.A. students, Ph. D. students and lecturing staff of our University. As a coda for the meeting, actors of the amateur theatre presented “Miss Julie”, a play about the relations between men and women after the work of Swedish classic August Strindberg.

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The winner of 21st student talent show “Alma Mater – Love at First Year” announced at YKSUG

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On the International Student Day, 17th November, gifted, vivacious and bright students presented picturesque showpieces during 21st student talent show “Alma Mater – Love at First Year” on the main stage of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.


As the jury of representatives of YKSUG subdivisions had decided the winner, the Faculty of Law was given the first place. University-wide feast of talent was attended by Vasiliy Sianko, Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs, deans, as well, as administrative and teaching staff. Parents, friends and other students who are concerned of this artistic project and YKSUG came to cheer for the finalists – students of the Faculty of Philology, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Law and the team of international students.

The contest began with the Rector’s greeting. At his video-speech Andrey Korol personally and on behalf of the university administration and teaching staff congratulated students on holiday. Rector wished the youngest part of our university to bring the fusion of dream and thought through life, to be happy, to have bright days, saturated with good and positive colors, new acquaintances and conditions, which will help turn goals into life. Rector wished teams, in particular, good spirit of competition, and jury to be impartial.

The audience was warmed-up with best final dances of qualification stage. And then the show began.

The first to come to stage was the team of the Faculty of Philology. Students displayed a parable of seven deadly sins. With that, YKSUG students revealed a timeless choice between the good and the evil. Young actors marked, that everyone makes his own choice between committing a sin and not.

– The student daily faces a dilemma of light and darkness, of friend and foe, ‑ finished their act Faculty of Philology students.

The next to perform were students from the Pedagogical Faculty. Ladies imagined a situation, when the “Military pedagogics” speciality is opened at the Faculty of Pedagogy. As the story goes, two girls choose this complicated speciality. Girls with absolutely different characters had to accomplish a difficult graduation task. The students faced different problems, however, they had no fear. Moreover, students made good partners and explored teamwork.

The third to perform was the play of the international students of our university. The story of theirs took place in Moscow of 1957, during the 6th World Youth and Students Cinema Festival, where an international student met a girl from Belarus. Unfortunately, the lovers were separated from each other, and the student decided to travel thousands kilometers to reunite with Alesya. The hero met dozens of trials on his way: cannibalistic tribe in Africa, vicious goddess of love in India, fire breathing dragon in China and even many-days wedding in Turkmenistan. However, the student met a faithful companion in every country, who helped him to manage with troubles. And the paramours reunited finally. The finale of the love-story was Multilanguage karaoke of YKSUG anthem.

The last to present their show were students of the Faculty of Law. They introduced their vision of “groundhog day” story. It’s New Year’s Eve, 31st December. Yana, the student of the Faculty of Law, is late for the credit, failed to complete her exam paper, had a fight with her friends, decided not to go on a date with her boyfriend and, as a result, broke up with him. Girl with many problems waited for the New Year, but it never came. Again and again Yana woke up on 31st of December. Soon she realized all the mistakes she had made, corrected them and celebrated the New Year with her friends.

Besides main prizes, there were handed diplomas in 15 side nominations.

“Best set design” and “Best dancing group” – team of the Faculty of the Economics and Management.

“Best singer” – member of the international students team, student from Pre-university training faculty Liu Xinhue.

“Best singer” and “Best actress” – Yana Krastina, student of the Faculty of Law. This Faculty was also awarded for “Best direction” and “Best script”.

“Best actor” – Moris Ignatenko, student of the Faculty of Economics and Management.

“Best supporting actor” – Pavel Benkevich, student of the Faculty of Arts and Design, “Best supporting actress” – Alika Radzevich, student of the Faculty of Pedagogy.

“Best vocal group” and “Best instrumental performance” presented students from the Faculty of Arts and Design.

“Best final song” was sung by the students of the Faculty of Physical Culture. Besides, Mariya Antukhevich and Polina Demyanova, students of that faculty, were awarded diplomas in “Original genre”.

“Best choreography” award went to the international students team.

The partners of the contest were Students Trade Union, Belarusian Republican Youth Union and “Belaya Rus” organization.



Freshmen talent show “Alma Mater – Love at First Year” is being organized at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno since 1996 and is aimed to reveal the most talented students. It is divided into two stages: for 5 days 14 faculties and the team of international students perform on-stage, and jury chose best of them for the final.

For the time this contest exists, it involved more than 5,000 students-actors, 300 performances. Total amount of watchers for the 21 year is more than 40,000.



Vice-president of the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network –  ESN Matthew Clemo visited Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno to monitor the activities of the Club of International Student Initiatives “SUNet”.

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The visit was planned after the meeting of the national representatives of ESN held in Warsaw in April, 2016. As the result of the meeting Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno received the status of candidate country for accession to ESN.

Rich program was prepared for Matthew Clemo. So, Vice-President of ESN visited the Museum of the History of YKSUG, got acquainted with the sights of Grodno, visited the house-museum of Eliza Orzeszko, participated in the evening of the Belarusian national cuisine, attended the live music concert and met with members of the Fraternity of foreign students. At the end of the first day the meeting with students of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno was organized, during which Matthew Clemo and Chairman of the Club of International Student Initiatives «SUNet», 3rd year student of the Faculty of Philology Alexander Lapatnev introduced the Erasmus Student Network activities.

Moreover, there was hold the meeting of Matthew Clemo with the representatives of the club «SUNet» and employees of Education Internationalization Centre.

-We discussed the prospects for Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno after accession to ESN, - noticed Elena Belokoz, the Head of the Education Internationalization Centre. – So, the membership at  the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network will allow Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno to become more available for the international students. This will improve the international University ranking, will expand the possibilities of establishing contacts with various universities, the opportunities for internships and study at the other higher education establishments, for participation in international seminars, projects, including volunteering.

 It is worth noting that Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno has the opportunity to become the first local and the only one national representative of the Erasmus Student Network in Republic of Belarus.



ESN has been established 16 October, 1989 to support and develop students exchange. ESN mission is to represent international students and students, who take part in academic exchange, as well, as to distribute possibilities of intercultural comprehension and self-development student helps student-style.

 Now, ESN is presented more than at 480 HEI’s in 39 countries: it contains more than 14,500 active members and so-called supervisors, who care about international students during their mobilities. ESN has involved more than 34,000 young people, who share their help to international students yearly.



Garage48 takes place in the town of Grodno on 25-27 November in High Tech Park Grodno. The event will be organised together with MSQRD, SPACE, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and High Tech Park Grodno. The event is opened for students, software developers, designers, project managers and team leaders, marketers and sales professionals.

The team of representatives from the Baltic countries will come on Garage48 and an international team of mentors will work there.

Garage48 is a weekend long intensive development event to work out new web and mobile applications and bring new startups into life.

Participation is free of charge. Registration for the hackathon is here.

Contact e-mails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Friday, 25th November

18:15 - Doors open, check-in, networking, coffee, snacks

19:00 - Opening remarks

19:30 - Pitching ideas

20:00 - Refreshment break

20:15 - Pitching ideas (continues)

20:45 - Forming teams, everyone will choose their favorite idea

21:00 - Teamwork


Saturday, 26th November

09:00 - Coffee & light breakfast. Development continues

10:00 - Checkpoint #1

11:00 - Mentors go around

13:00 - Lunch

13:45 - Product development

18:00 - Checkpoint #2 & Pitch practice

19:00 - Dinner

20:00 - Product development continues


Sunday, 27th November

09:00 - Coffee & light breakfast. Development continues

10:00 - Checkpoint #3

11:00 - Pitch drill session #1

13:00 - Lunch

14:00 - Pitch drill session #2

17:00 - Coffee break with light meal/snacks

17:30 - Final event & LIVE stream

20:00 - Winners & networking

More details.

Teams of Belarusian students and students from Turkmenistan of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno competed in a friendly match on mini-football

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Competitions on mini-football took place on 1 November in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and were dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan's Independence. The tournament was organized by the International Students Fraternity with the support of Education Internationalization Centre and sports club.

The chief of sports club Kirill Akulich greeted the participants of the competition. He noted longstanding Peoples' Friendship and wished good luck in the tournament.

Students played few games, the results of which the team of students Kupala University won a definite victory over the international students from Turkmenistan.

The judges of the tournament were senior teachers of the Department of sport games, Faculty of Physical Education, Arkady Obelewski and Olga Pawlut.

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Employees of the "Typhoon" conducted workshops for students of Faculty of engineering and construction


Workshops at the Faculty of engineering and construction for the students of specialty "Industrial and Civil Engineering", "Production of building products and structures", as well as for faculty and staff held in the framework of teaching-information seminar.

Participants of the meeting were told about the products produced by the "Typhoon" enterprise, the characteristics of materials and their consumption, applied in the decoration of buildings and structures, the cost of production and many other things.

Then there were workshops in three ways. The company's employees have demonstrated the use of the product international concern group "ATLAS" from "Typhoon Master" line and showed the application of light plaster systems insulation of buildings and structures "Typhoon".

“We demonstrated the mosaic decorative plaster DEKO S, which creates unique compositions with colored sand. We could try to put decorative plaster under the guidance of an experienced specialist,” - the participants of the master class noted.

In addition, during the meeting "Typhoon" employees offered students to try to apply self-leveling compound for cable ties "Typhoon Master" N. 41 for leveling horizontal surfaces of concrete and cement, as well as the other hard and solid bases.

“We felt like real builders!” - shared their impressions YKSUG students at the end of the seminar.


International students of YKSUG discovered Belarusian culture

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International Students Welcome Party or evening for foreign students and students of the Faculty of Pre-University Training was held in Grodno State University.

The meeting was organized by the Club of International Student Initiatives «SUNet» together with the student organization AEGEE-Grodno and the International students and academic mobility office of the Education Internationalization Centre.

“We'd like to help foreign students who study at the YKSUG, to adapt to the new conditions of life” - the organizers of the evening explained.

Volunteer students from the Faculty of Philology arranged for invited guests tasting of the Belarusian cuisine, prepared various competitions and quizzes, and introduced the students with Belarusian traditions and customs. In addition, they’ve got a possibility listen to live music performed by the Grodno group «STAY».

“All participants experienced a lot of positive emotions, joy and cheerfulness,”- the student-volunteers of Philology added.


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