PhD programs


Postgraduate study in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno is:

  • • Training of scientific personnel of higher qualification since 1969

  • • Study full-time, in absentia, or as an External PhD

  • • Education at the expense of the republican budget and for a fee

  • • Training period is till 3 years full-time, till 5 years of External PhD Studentship

  • • Training in 40 specialties

  • • The annual intake of about 40 graduate students

  • • Training about 200 applicants per year

  • • Providing accommodation for graduate students from other cities and countries

  • • Scholarships for graduate students of full-time form of study

  • • Best graduate students of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno receive scholarships of President of Belarus

  • • Teaching by leading scientists of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and other universities and organizations in the Republic of Belarus

  • • Possibility to work as a university lecturer

  • • Acquisition of organizational skills for research activity

  • • Publication of research findings in national and international scientific journals

  • • Participation in international conferences and seminars

  • • Possibility to independently realize research projects through the system of grants

  • • Receiving scientific qualification "Researcher"

  • • Possibility of obtaining PhD Degree

  • • Employment in research and higher educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus

List of specialties
of PhD Degree Program of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


Physics and Mathematics
material, complex and functional analysis
differential equations, dynamical systems, and optimal control
physics of condensed state
laser physics
system analysis, control and information management (industry)
mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes

Biological Sciences


Technical Sciences

dynamics, durability of machines, devices and equipment
materials engineering (mechanical engineering)
technology and processing of polymers and composites
physics of condensed state
Historical Sciences
domestic history
historiography, source studies and methods of historical research
theory and history of culture

economics and management of national economy (economics, organization and management

of factories, branches, complexes)

mathematical and instrumental methods of economics
social philosophy
theory and history of culture
literature of foreign countries (Polish literature)
theory of literature. Textology
belarusian language
russian language
slavic languages
theory of language
comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics


theory and history of the law and state ; history of doctrines of law and state
civil law; business law; family law; private international law
land law; nature and resources law; environmental law; agricultural law
criminal law and criminology; criminal law enforcement
criminal procedure
criminalistics; forensic activities; investigative activities
Pedagogical Sciences
general pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
theory and methods of training and education (literature)
theory and methods of training and education (physics)

theory and technique of physical training, sports training, health-improving and

 adaptive physical training

Psychological Sciences
educational psychology
development psychology, acmeology
theory and history of culture

Requirements for applicants:

higher education;

certificate of passing candidate examinations and credit;

ability to perform research activity, which is proved by scientific publications, participation in research and innovation projects, conferences, or by other materials;

experience of practical work for at least two years at vacancies which require higher education (for training in External PhD Studentship).

Reception of documents:

Office of Doctoral Studies, from August, 1 to September, 30 (Ozheshko, 22, of. 401).

List of required documents:

copy of ID card;

copy of Diploma of Higher Education;

copy of Diploma of Higher Education Supplement;

copy of Diploma of the Master degree;

copy of Diploma of Master's Degree Supplement;

certificate of passing candidate examinations and credit;

recommendation from the Council of the University (The Council of the Faculty) for Master's degree graduates of the application year;

list of published scientific works, inventions, reports on research work (if any);

report on the topic appropriate to the chosen specialty (if no publications);

copy or extract from the employment record (for the employed);

personnel record card;


2 photos (size 3x4 cm);

medical certificate on the sample prescribed by the Ministry of Health of Belarus for university applicants.

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