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The campaign for the settlement in the dormitories has started in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


Representatives of the University met Ivan Tsikhan, the silver medalist of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, post-graduate student of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno


The third week of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 at YKSUG: Belarusian wedding, boat trip on Neman and certificate presentation.


The third week of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 at YKSUG was the last for the foreign guests. At studies they discovered traditions and customs of our country, as well, as ancient history of Grodno and biographies of famous Grodno citizens.

The most exciting and impressive event of the week was improvised Belarusian wedding, during which foreign guests were observing traditional bridal gowns. Guests of the celebration joyfully took part in cooking festive meals, various contests, games and Belarusian dances.

Not less interesting were workshops on Belarusian music, dances and art, so called “vitsinanka”. At the Gymnasium #5 skillful trainers taught our guests to dance “Liavonikha” and how to play wooden musical instruments. Besides, during one of the workshops foreign guests made “vitsinanka”, handmade cards with Belarusian symbol, the tree of life. Participants of the Summer School have them taken home with them.

Foreign guests had also an opportunity to try Belarusian milk production during the guide tour to the “Molochniy Mir” JST. Listeners of the Russian Language Summer School enjoyed different kinds of Belarusian cheese, yoghurts, cream and were impressed by the quality and taste of Belarusian milk production.

A boat trip on the “Olga Solomova” ship was the one to remember. Teachers, listeners and volunteers enjoyed the view of the city, made photos and sang songs. Besides, they had an opportunity to take part in charity move “Prepare kids for school together”, during which they gathered money, so necessary for disabled kids and orphaned ones. On the next day participants of the Summer School bought stationery and presented it to the Grodno charity society.

ThelasteventoftheweekwasclosingoftheRussianLanguageSummerSchool 2016.

During the last interactive study participants shared their impressions about Belarus, Grodno and Summer School. During certificate presentation volunteers performed a song with such words: “We haven’t seen each other since last summer…”, and flash-mobbed again – performed a dance from the opening ceremony. “Summer School 2016” video presentation was a real surprise for the participants. Teachers have gathered about 100 photos, reflecting three weeks in Belarus.

Participants of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 made memory comments about the life and study in Belarus.



“Russian Language Summer School” project started at YKSUG in 2015. It was organized by the dean of the faculty of Pre-university training Yury Yatsentovich Romanovsky, jointly with lecturers of the Department of the Russian language as a foreign. Among them are Inna Yuryevna Samoylova, the Chair, associate professors Elena Ivanovna Bilutenko and Natalya Grigoryevna Muzichenko, senior lecturers Irina Grigoryevna Kraskovskaya and Tatyana Vladimirovna Cherkes and specialist Svetlana Anatolyevna Semenchuk.

Every year Summer School is being assisted by volunteers under the command of the 5th year student from the faculty of economics and management Yuliya Haponik.

ForthreeweeksforeignstudentsareproposednotonlytoimproveRussianlanguage, butalsodiscovercultureandtraditionsofBelarus.


Post-graduate student from YKSUG Ivan Tikhon wins silver medal at Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro


Belarusian hammer-thrower, YKSUG post-graduate student, Ivan Tikhon won a silver medal in finals on 19th August, during XXXI Summer Olympic Games 2016 in Rio.

Since the first attempt Ivan set the pace of competitions in this sector, scoring 76m 13cm. It was evidently, that his closest rivals would be Dilshod Nazarov, athlete from Tadzhikistan, and Christian Pars, 2012 Olympiad golden medalist. They both declared a possibility to win medals since first attempts, as well. World champion 2015, Polish sportsman Wojcech Novicki, also tried to reach the pedestal. Nazarov’s third attempt granted him leadership, resulted in 78m 7 cm, and even improved his position afterwards with 78m 68cm. the fifth attempt was the best for Ivan Tikhon (77m 79cm), what granted him a silver medal.

“I feel bittersweet”, said Ivan Tikhon. “I have fought and have done everything I could, though I certainly wanted to do better, but what`s done is done. Each of us could reach a decent result”.

On the materials of National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus press-service


Students form Russian Language Summer School 2016 “celebrated a wedding” at YKSUG


Lecturers and volunteers of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 from Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno not only share their knowledge, but also try to introduce to them authentic Belarusian culture and traditions.

For the past three weeks at the Russian Language lessons foreign guests were told about the history of Belarus, got acquainted with Belarusian cinematography. During workshops they tried to make toys, decorated with Belarusian ornaments, as well, as learn how to dance “Liavonikha” and play some traditional music instruments.

“The most exciting knowledge of the Belarusian culture for foreigners was staged Belarusian wedding. During the rite they were presented a modern vision of traditional custom” , explains Russian Language Summer School 2016 volunteer Yuliya Haponik. “We have written an interesting scenery, full of various Belarusian wedding customs, and also cooked a lot of traditional meals, which excited our guests a lot”.

As a result of a draw, Lukas Sabik, a Slovenian student, got a role of a bridegroom, and Akane Namoto became bride. Mandatory parts of a wedding are matchmakers, best men and, of course, bride’s and groom’s parents. Their roles were taken by other Summer School students, and also Belarusian and Polish volunteers.

“It all began with matchmaking, and then the bride was kidnapped by the fairy villain – Solovey the Rogue, played by Francesco Prete.”, said Yuliua. ”Then the groom had to pay a ransom for his bride to mermaids, Triton and Baba Yaga. Lukas and his companions have overcome a number of trials and contests!”

Before sitting at the festive table, bride and groom tried genuine loaf, baked by volunteers, stood on rushnik and tried homemade kvass.

During the feast a bridal veil was removed, and bride’s best man sung a Belarusian traditional song “I bow before You”, and later, together with guests, the “Kupalinka” song.

There also was a lot of dancing. After the first bridal dance of the bride and groom, other guest of the tableful were proposed to learn traditional dance “Belarusian polka”. A huge portion of positive emotions was generated during “blind man’s buff” and “creek” games.

As a result of the wedding, bride and groom got handmade rings, improvised marriage certificates and pleasant memories. Other guests receive the excellent mood and eagerness to continue discovering of Belarusian culture and traditions.

The second week of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 at YKSUG: meeting history of the University, teambuilding and Slavonic Martial-arts club “Aridan” performance.


Despite intensive studies, our guests, participants of the Russian Language Summer School 2016 at YKSUG, continue discovering history and culture of Belarus. Last week they explored a lot of new facts and visited some unique locations.

Foreign guests with volunteers and Tatyana Vladimirovna Cherkes, senior lecturer of th Russian as a Foreign Language and Linguistic Disciplines Department, visited YKSUG History Museum. They have discovered there, how our university evolved, as well, as how magnificent was a contribution to the literature and culture of Belarus, made by famous poet, writer and public person Yanka Kupala. At the end of the excursion foreign students were allowed to touch some showpieces with their hands, and also they checked in the Book of the Honorable Guests of the History Museum of our university.

And that was not the last excursion they had had last week. Listeners of the Summer School visited public mineralogical museum “Carat” at school #16 in Grodno. Vladimir Anatolyevich Zhdnyuk, professional geologist, founder and caretaker of the museum, told our guests about minerals and rocks from around the world, picked and processed by pupils from Grodno. One of the most exciting discoveries was an amber inclusion with pre-historical ant 30,000,000 years old. Foreign guests also visited mineral processing workshop, where they saw all the stages of processing. Gwendal Pyegwa, a student from France, even had an opportunity to become a gem-master for some time As it is a tradition of Belarusian hospitality, every visitor got a mineral for a present, and they also checked in the Book of the Honorable Guests of the public museum “Carat”.

The week continued with teambuilding event, organized by Larisa Leonidovna Skvortsova, senior lecturer from International Business and Marketing Department of the faculty of economics and management. Interactive games in the fresh air not only helped international guests get positive energy, but also helped breach psychological walls, create friendly atmosphere and tighten team bonds.

Bright event to remember was international night. There students told about traditions of the other country. So, Belarusians told about Italy, Italians about China, the Japanese about Poland, the Chinese about France, Slovaks about Belarus etc. The night ended with national meals degustation. Maple syrup from Canada and Chinese pancakes, American pop tarts and Polish sausages, French nougat, Belgian chocolate, and of course Belarusian zephir and birch juice – these and more meals were shared among guests, volunteers and lecturers of the Summer School.

Slavonic Martial Arts Club “Aridan” impressed foreign students a lot. The members of the club amazed the guests with battle tricks and tremendous ancient weapon mastery. During the show our guests took part in ancient Slavonic games, tried to hold a sword and shield, tried on a helmet and nocked a bow.

During traditional for the Summer School cinema lectures students watched the “What a love” movie with Russian subtitles. This not only helped improve our guests’ Russian, but also gave a possibility to discover Russian and Belarusian actors.

On Saturday excursion foreign students visited Belarusian architectural masterpieces, castles of Mir and Nesvizh. On Sunday they discovered primal beauty of national park “Belovezhskaya Pushcha”.


A delegation from the faculty of philology is visiting Norwegian University for Science and Technology


For the five days (since 15th till 19th August) a delegation from the faculty of philology of YKSUG, headed by Vladimir Georgievich Barsukov, Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs, will be visiting Norwegian University for Science and Technology in Trondheim.

During the meetings with colleagues, representatives from our university are going to discuss spheres of scientific, innovation and educational cooperation, as well, as exchange experience within Belarusian-Norwegian program «Investigating Pedagogical learning Spaces». Also they will prepare applications to the Norwegian Center for International Cooperation in order to realize joint educational program in mobile study.

A delegation from the faculty of philology consists of Ludmila Vasilyevna Richkova, Head of the General and Slavonic Linguistics Department, Svetlana Viktorovna Gonchar, Head of the Foreign Languages Department and Olga Viktorovna Perkova, senior lecturer of the General and Slavonic Linguistics Department.

More news from the faculty of philology here.


Students-programmers from Belarus and Russia will gather in YKSUG


Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno together with MISIS and MIPT will hold "International training camp for problem-solving of programming competitions" under the patronage of Moscow ACM ICPC Workshops" from 15 to 24 August 2016.

22 students from Belarus and Russia will participate in the master classes. They will be trained by five tutors from MISIS “National University of Science and Technology”, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

Classes will be conducted in two divisions: "A" and "B". Each organized into 4 thematic days of lectures and practical classes and 4 days of team contest competitions. The training program includes such topics as number theory, game theory, string algorithms and data structures.

The training is aimed at improving the level of training of students in information technology and preparing children for the world programming contests. So, in this October, teams of students will go to the quarter-finals of one of the most prestigious Championships in the International student collegiate programming contest ACM/ICPC. At the end of the quarter-finals the best teams advance to the semifinals and then the finals, which will take place in spring 2017. The winners will not only receive well-deserved diplomas and other awards, but also offers to start a career in the largest IT companies in the world.


International student academic competition on programming of ACM/ICPC (world programming championship/international team championship on programming) is being held annually since 1977 and it is the largest championship in Informatics, where a large number of complex tasks should be solved in a relatively short period of time. The championship is held under the auspices of the Association for computing machinery (ACM). Baylor University organizes the competition (USA) since 1989. At various times the sponsors of the tournament became such companies as Apple, AT&T and Microsoft, but from 1997 till now the general partner is IBM.

The best result for all history of participation of YKSUG students was the second place diploma in the semi-finals of the XIX international student Olympiad on programming in North-Eastern European region ACM/ICPC.


Head of the Department of Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations and Algebra, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics A. Grin did an internship at the Technical University of Berlin


The Head of the Department of Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations and Algebra, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Alexander Grin took part in the project MOST. Within two weeks the representative of our University was discovering the organization of educational process and scientific research at the Institute of Mathematics of the Technical University of Berlin.

During his internship, Alexander studied current in this school methods for reading mathematical disciplines. Besides, he learned new ways of solving the problems of limit cycles for some classes of autonomous systems and their applications. The head of the Department plans to use obtained knowledge for teaching our studentsof the specialty "Mathematics (Research and Pedagogical Activities)" special course "Qualitative theory of differential equations".

At the end of Alexander Alexandrovich’s internship there was a meeting, during which the parties discussed the participation of universities in international rankings, as well as the possible long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of education.

All the news of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics can be found here.


Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno won the international project of the Erasmus+ program


During the competition projectsof the European Union Erasmus+ “Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education” Belarus received 6 projects, one of which is “Belarusian Fostering Competencies Development in Higher Education” with the participation of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. 

The project aims to develop a comprehensive information management system, improvement of University management in educational activities and the definition of indicators for reflection of learning outcomes in the educational system of Belarus, in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies).

Among the Belarusian participants are the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State University, The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State Economic University, Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Grodno State Agrarian University, Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin, Francisk Skorina Gomel State University, Polotsk State University and National Institute of Education.

European partners are Spain, Lithuania, Poland and Finland. The University coordinator is the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain).

The project will last for 36 months, the amount of financing is 953 098 euros.



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