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Jurisprudence (Prosecution and Investigation Activities)







1-24 80 01 Jurisprudence
Profilization  Prosecution and Investigation Activities
Language of study  English
Mode of study  Full-time
Term of study  1 year
Entrance exams for foreign citizens 


(with an indication of the main disciplines studied)

Names of master’s degree students’ activities, cycles of  disciplines, disciplines Number of credits



  • 1. Module «Modern problems of jurisprudence»
• Modern Problems and Methodology of Legal Science
• Lawmaking of Representative, Executive and Judicial Authorities
• Legal Support of the Development of an Electronic State
  • 2. Module «International legal cooperation»
• Implementation of International Treaties in the National Legal System
• Institutional Law of the Union State, EEU and CIS
  • 3. Module «Research work»
The student provides the results of their work on the master's thesis for the semester
  • 4. Practice
Professionally oriented
  • 5. Module «Foreign Economic law»
• Foreign Economic Law
• State Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity
• International Settlement and Credit Relations
  • 6. Module «Comparative private and international economic law»
• Commercial Law of Foreign States
• EU Corporate Law
• International economic law
  • 7. Module «Protection of the rights of participants in foreign economic activity: innovative approaches»
• Relevant Problems of International Civil Procedure
• Protection of Foreign Economic Activity's Subjects in International Courts of Arbitration
• Protection of Foreign Economic Activity's Subjects in International Judicial Bodies
  • 8. Module «European Private and Financial Law
Study: European private law and European financial law
  • 9. Writing a master's thesis
While studying in the master's program, the master's student is engaged in scientific research

The main competencies that

the graduate will acquire

  • According to the Higher Education Standard 1-24 80 01-2019 of the specialty Jurisprudence, a master who has mastered the content of the educational program of the master's degree in this specialty must have universal, in-depth professional and specialized competencies 
Graduate certificate MASTER’S DEGREE DIPLOMA


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