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Entrants of 2017 were initiated into YKSUG freshmen

Entrants of 2017 were initiated into YKSUG freshmen

Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno hosted the initiation ceremony of former entrants into the freshmen. On the 30th August about 600 young people became members of large academic family of alma mater.

Following the tradition, Andrei Karol, the Rector, addressed students, their parents and guests and congratulated them with the coming academic year and Day of Knowledge.

– I congratulate with the beginning of the new stage of your lives, ‑ said Andrei Korol. – Collate between yourselves, create your own, but not the others, spread your vision and content into the world, without refusing historical and cultural heritage. During your study at YKSUG you will create new tasks and goals for yourselves, you will become adult and wise, and you will make new friends who will become loyal companions for you. I wish you do not lose yourselves, your uniqueness, won’t become a cliché, as the main result of the education is the search of oneself. Let the study at YKSUG stay in your memory with bright and joyful events for the rest of your lives. Be happy, remember your alma mater, congratulations to you!

The Rector issued student ID’s to the best freshmen, ones who achieved best scores in tests and entrance tasks. Between them were prizewinners of different stages of countrywide Olympics in school disciplines and school graduates with gold and silver medals.

During the initiation ceremony symbolic student ID and the Key to the Knowledge were given to the 1st year students, Anastasiya Kaliasen and Aliaksei Lipnevich, who got top points during the admission campaign. Pavel Siliavin, 3rd year students of the Law Faculty and member of Student Coordination Board, and Iryna Saulevich, 2nd year student of the Faculty of Pedagogy, congratulated students with the admission to Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno:

– You’ve made the right choice – you’ve chosen YKSUG. We hope that the path you’ve chosen will be a success and bring you to the victory. Good luck and success to you!

In turn, freshmen thanked everyone for the support during the admission campaign and expressed their hopes, that student life at YKSUG will be eventful. Freshmen, on behalf of all 1st year students, promised bring the dignifying name of “YKSUG student” with honor and pride.

The ceremony ended with a freshman’s oath. Students swore to bring the name of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno student with dignity, spare no effort to comprehend all fields of science, be worthy heirs of the Belarusian student traditions, be a sample of the honor, dignity, diligence and discipline, take active participation in public, scientific and cultural activities of alma mater, use obtained knowledge to empowerment and prosperity of the Republic of Belarus and be the worthy citizens of our country.

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