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Fees and discounts: Bachelor’s degree

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Bachelor’s Degree


Training period

 4-5 years

Tuition fee

In Russian (full-time study) – 2550 USD

  In Russian (part- time study) - 1600 USD

  In English – 3500 USD

Discount is provided for foreign student successfully graduated from the Preparatory Department of the University (min. training period is 4,5 months) in 2020/2021 academic year. The discount is provided upon the conclusion of the agreement for study and tuition fee payment (training in Russian)*


  Full-time study (course in Russian)- 250 USD


Discount is provided to the citizens of full member states of of the Commonwealth of Independent States after admission and payment are performed by international student (training in Russian)

   Full-time study- 450 USD


After completion of the program students are issued a Diploma of Higher Education of international standard.

*Discount is provided only for the students of the first course and only for the first year of study



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