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World Economics


World Economics





1-25 80 02 World Economics
Language of study  English
Mode of study  Full-time
Term of study  1 year
Entrance exams for foreign citizens 


(with an indication of the main disciplines studied)

Names of master’s degree students’ activities, cycles of  disciplines, disciplines Number of credits



  • • World economy and foreign economic policy
The purpose of the course is to expand the theoretical knowledge of features and trends in the development of the world economy and foreign economic policy, deepening knowledge, skills and abilities in development of comprehensive international cooperation.
  • • International competition
The goal of the course "International Competition" for Masters' students is to gain neccessary knowledge and skills in the field of effective international  business competencies in the field of theory and practice of competition in international business, theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for national companies confronting global competition; learning to apply strategic and tactical instruments of forming competitive advantages in international business.
  • • World economy and international economic relations
The purpose of teaching the course “World Economy and International Economic Relations” is to provide students of the second stage of higher education with deep theoretical knowledge about the laws of functioning, development trends and directions of restructuring  the world economy in the context of globalization, the role of world economic relations and relations.
  • • International entrepreneurship
The purpose of teaching the discipline is to create a master student  specialties 1-25 80 02 "World economy" professional ideas about the integral process of business activity of subjects management from the formation of an entrepreneurial idea, to methods and forms of its implementation in the international environment.
  • • International marketing research
The purpose of teaching the course "International Marketing Research" is to form a modern marketing outlook among students, to obtain in the field of theory and practice of marketing research, methods and organization of their implementation, to prepare for work in real-life conditions.
  • • International investment activity
The purpose of studying the discipline is to form undergraduates the required amount of special theoretical knowledge and practical skills in foreign national and international investments that allow you to effectively perform functional duties of performers and / or managers (coordinators) of foreign national and international investment business projects within the framework of investment activities of economic entities.

The main competencies that

the graduate will acquire

  • • Be able to apply methods of scientific knowledge (analysis, comparison, systematization, abstraction, modeling, data validation, decision making, etc.) in independent research activities, generate and implement innovative ideas.
    • Independently study new methods of economic design, research, production organization.
    • To take the initiative, including in risk situations, to solve problem situations on the basis of an innovative approach.
    • Use fundamental economic knowledge in professional activities.
    • The master must have the following in-depth professional competencies
    • To be able to identify the main patterns and trends of the global economy, apply forecasting methods, use computer software to build models for forecasting the development of the global economy.
    • To be able to develop and implement innovative and venture projects, to form and develop competitive advantages of the organization on the basis of innovative solutions, to develop new market segments of innovative products and services.
    • Own theory, navigate modern scientific schools of the world economy, evaluate processes and identify trends in its development, be able to apply methods and tools of foreign economic policy, analyze the results of implementation and develop recommendations for its improvement

Options to continue education

(postgraduate specialties)

• World Economy
• Economics and Management of National Economy
Graduate certificate MASTER’S DEGREE DIPLOMA


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