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Law faculties of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and the Gumilev Eurasian national university have signed the contract on cooperation

Law faculties of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and the Gumilev Eurasian national university have signed the contract on cooperation

This document is a part of the contract on cooperation between our universities and provides, first of all, activization of activity among law departments.


The contract is directed to exchange of experience of colleagues from Kazakhstan and Belarus, the academic mobility of students, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral candidates and the faculty of institutions of higher education and also the organization of joint researches, scientific actions and the publication of joint scientific publications.

The parties have signed the document during the visit of professor of department of criminal and legal disciplines of the Euroasian national university of L.N. Gumilev, the doctor of jurisprudence, professor Aydarkan Skakov to our university within the Visiting Professor program.

– Between the universities the contract on cooperation is signed in 2013. However we have decided to go further: have decided to deepen and expand our interaction, first of all, between law departments. And in it in many respects Rimma Nikolaevna Klyuchko's merit – the head of the department of criminal law, criminal trial and criminalistics of the Grodno university, – Aydarkan Skakov has noted. – We have many plans which we will begin to realize very soon. By the way, one of doctoral candidates of law department of ENU of L.N. Gumilev is already ready to go to a training to Grodno university. I hope, in September YKSUG will host our law students.

Now the guest gives lectures for students of law department of our university. Aydarkan Skakov's occupations are devoted to criminology, corruption crimes and their prevention, questions of effective realization of criminal policy, criminal and executive policy and a probation (the form of conditional condemnation assuming the direction of the convict for a certain term under observation of bodies which in turn exercise control of his behavior – a comment).

Besides professor, to our university have arrived two graduates of the Euroasian national university of L.N. Gumilev who now get acquainted with our alma mater and opportunities of receipt in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno postgraduate study.


Aydarkan Skakov is an expert lawyer with more than 30-year experience, who has devoted many years to service to the law. In 1995 under the scientific guide of professor Alexander Mikhlin, the honored worker of science of Russia, the doctor of jurisprudence, he has defended the master's thesis, in 2000 the Highest certifying commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan has given to Aydarkan Baydekovich an academic status of professor, and 2006 he has defended the doctoral dissertation.

Aydarkan Skakov is an author of more than 200 scientific works. He took part in development of bills, Codes, resolutions and normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was also engaged in preparation of comments for criminal executive code and a number of bills.

He is a member of dissertation council at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Kazakhstan Academy, the international consultant of UNICEF, the UN, OSCE, PRI and Soros Kazakhstan fund,  he is a part of editorial boards of a number of newspapers and scientific magazines of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia,  he is the member of council on protection of theses of Academy of management at the President of Republic of Belarus, he acted as the international expert of Soros Kazakhstan fund.

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