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A representative of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno had an internship at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

During the educational visit the possible directions of cooperation between the universities in educational, innovative and scientific activities were determined.

The internship of Natalya Bashun, the Head of the Technology, Physiology and Nutrition Hygiene Department of the Faculty of Biology and Ecology of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno took place within the framework of the State Program "Education and Youth Policy" for 2021-2025. The main purpose of the traineeship was to improve the qualifications and professional skills in the field of nutrition science, development of innovative methods of the educational process on the subjects "Fundamentals of functional nutrition", "Physiology of nutrition", "Biosafety and bioethics in biotechnology".

During the educational visit the representatives of the two universities discussed the prospects of cooperation in education, innovation and research activities, the implementation of joint research in the field of nutrition science and technology of creating functional foods. Natalia Bashun, Head of the Technology, Physiology and Hygiene of Nutrition Department of YKSUG, studied the experience of youth organizations and the Military Historical Club of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has leading positions in the rating of technical universities of Russia. In 2010, it received the status of a national research university, which recognized its role and capabilities in both training and multidisciplinary research and development.

Professor Vladimir Kosov from the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University visited Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan acquainted with the scientific potential of Kupala State University.
During the visit, Vladimir Kosov, professor of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University, and Yury Bialykh, Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, discussed the prospects of cooperation between the institutions of higher education.
Vladimir Kosov also visited the Physico-Technical Faculty of Kupala University and familiarized himself with the activities of the research laboratories of molecular spectroscopy and nanostructure optics and radiation materials science. The staff members of the laboratories told about the scientific potential of the Physico-Technical Faculty, outlining the demand for scientific equipment in many higher education institutions and scientific organizations.

Yanka Kupala State University students from Uzbekistan early voting in presidential elections

Early voting centres were set up across the country from 14 to 20 October. Students at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno also had an opportunity to express their civic position.

Fifty students from Uzbekistan study at Kupala University. The adult students naturally exercised their right to vote in the elections. One of the first to do so was Ruslana Tolstosheeva, a third year student of the History of Communication and Tourism Department and coordinator of the World Youth Association of Uzbekistan in Grodno region. The girl said that the election is an indicator of concern about the future of their country.
Kupala students were glad that, being thousands of kilometres away from their homeland, they could take part in the most important event for each state.
Overall, more than 1,000 foreigners from more than 30 countries study at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. For each of them comfortable conditions of studies and accommodation are created.

Volunteers of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno help in an animal shelter

Members of the volunteer group of the Faculty of Law "Open Hearts" almost every weekend, and sometimes on weekdays, come to help in the shelter in the village of Lapenki. On their last visit they were joined by students from Uzbekistan.
They have been helping the homeless shelter in Lapenki for a long time now. They bring food, walk fluffy animals and generally provide help. It is important to show care to those who need it most. Kupala students enjoy spending time with animals. Communicating with their four-legged friends teaches them a lot and helps them see the world in a slightly different way, said Mariana Sokol, chairman of Open Hearts.
Students from Uzbekistan also joined the volunteer group: Bekhruza Kurbonova, Mirzo Ulugbek, Dauleta Agabaeva and Meylisa Orazgeldieva. The students gladly agreed to be part of the volunteer team.

Students of Yanka Kupala University took part in the forum of young researchers, political scientists and journalists "Eurasia Space 2021"

The forum was held in Moscow with the aim of developing integration ties between the EAEU member states.
Various cultural, educational and informative events took place during the forum, which was also attended by students of the Department of History, Communication and Tourism of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Alina Lukashevich and Alexey Larin, as well as a 4th year student of international law Anastasia Zhilyuk. The Kupala students visited the Museum of Cosmonautics at EANE, listened to lectures of Russian politicians, joined business games and master classes.
At the end of the Forum the participants were awarded certificates and memorable prizes. Forum of young researchers, political scientists and journalists "Eurasia Space 2021" is one of the main events held in order to develop integration processes in the EAEU and support youth initiatives.

Legendary athlete Aleksandr Karelin became an Honorary Professor of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

On the 21st of October the Rector of our University Iryna Kiturka awarded an honorary certificate of conferring the title to Aleksandr Karelin during a meeting with students, staff of the Yanka Kupala State University and the sporting community of Grodno.


During the event, the famous wrestler spoke about his professional path, self-improvement and reflected the fighting spirit and the desire to win. The meeting was held in the format of an open dialogue. Everyone could ask the guest a question and get an exhaustive answer to it.

«I am sure that October 21 will be one of the brightest and most memorable days of 2021 for many of us. It was on this day that we had the opportunity not only to see with our own eyes the person who in 2021 was recognized as the youngest ever winner of the Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling, but also to fathom a wisdom that is not drawn from books, but is born on the basis of personal experience. The experience of a legendary man, the idol of many generations of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Today we are present at a meeting with a Hero of the Russian Federation, three-time winner of the Olympic Games, nine-time world champion, twelve-time European champion, thirteen-time champion of the USSR and Russia, holder of the title of the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of the twentieth century, Doctor of Pedagogics, professor and an amazing person – Aleksandr Karelin» noted Iryna Kiturka, introducing the guest.

The meeting with Kupala students is not accidental: the national team of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno has won the Republican Universiade more than once. In addition, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno has a glorious sports tradition in Greco-Roman wrestling.

«I was lucky enough to be together with Aleksandr at various Greco-Roman wrestling championships. I always noticed the qualities that made him stand out noticeably among other athletes: curiosity, responsibility and discipline» said Viacheslav Maksimovich, Professor of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, Honored Coach of the USSR in Greco-Roman wrestling, who, in fact, initiated this meeting.

According to Aleksandr Karelin, this format of meetings with young people has always been a priority to him. The three-time Olympic champion not only spoke about his path to sports, the role of coach Viktor Kuznetsov, but also answered all questions concerning high performance sport and personal experience.

His quotes "The struggle does not take away strength – it gives strength", "Find time, not excuses", "It is not the one who missed the move who loses, but the one who is ready to lose", "Life should be treated greedily" will be remembered for a long time.

The Olympic champion wished the students to never give up and always achieve their goals despite obstacles.

At the end of the meeting, the Rector of the University, Iryna Kiturka, announced the unanimous decision of the University Council and presented a certificate awarding Aleksandr Karelin the title of Honorary Professor of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

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    Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno summed up the results of the photo contest "I Love You, My Belarus".

    The photo competition was dedicated to the "Day of National Unity," which we first celebrated in the history of sovereign Belarus on September 17. Not only the students of Yanka Kupala University, but also the students of GrSMU and GSAU took part in it.
    There were four nominations: "We are different, but we are united by love for Belarus", "My city is the best", "I am Belarusian and I am proud of it", "Made in Belarus". Each author could send photos in all categories, but in each category no more than three photos from one person. All the photos were bright and interesting. They depicted the beautiful Belarusian nature, urban and rural landscapes, historical monuments, works reflecting healthy lifestyles and representatives of different professions.
    It was not easy for the jury to choose the best photo works. The winner in the nomination "We are different, but we are united by love to Belarus" became a student of GrSMU Ekaterina Stasevich. First place in the nomination "My city is the best" got the work of a student of the State Agrarian University Olga Furman. Anastasiya Slavetskaya from Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno became the best in the nomination "I am Belarusian and I am proud of it". Diana Stepanova, a student of Kupala State University, won in the nomination "Made in Belarus".
    The contest was organized by Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Centre of Student Initiatives, the Youth Projects and Initiatives Support Division of the Department of Educational Work with Young People together with the Belarusian Republican Youth Union.

    Students of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno took part in the electronic job fair for the first time

    A master class on how to find a job was held for Yanka Kupala graduate students as well as they were told how to use the state database of vacancies.
    The master class was attended by more than 30 students from all faculties of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno who will soon get their first jobs. First of all, they were introduced to the portal of the State Employment Service and were shown how it looks like and how to use it. The thing is that other resources are disguised as this one and you need to know how to distinguish the real one.
    Kupala students were explained how to register on the site, attach your CV, find employers. The master class was held in the framework of the national electronic job fair where students could take part in the online job search.
    As Marina Kolotsey, head of the Educational and Methodological Department, noted, such experience will be useful for young people, even though graduates have a guarantee of their first job thanks to the placement.
    - This master class was held on the joint initiative of the university and the Department of Labor, Employment and Social Security. Students were able to communicate with employers in online format at the electronic job fair. This allows you to get answers to all your questions about employment, talk about yourself, learn about the social package and types of incentives that are provided and much more. In addition, during a small dialogue with the employer, you can generate interest in yourself and thereby provide an advantage in the competition for the position, and the communication with the hiring manager can actually be the first interview. Thus, in one day you can meet at mini-interviews with representatives of several organizations you are interested in, - said Marina Kolotsey.
    Electronic job fairs are progressive form of services offered by public service agencies to solve employment issues in real time. Such master classes for students and participation in electronic job fair will be organized further. Not only graduates, but also students of all courses who want to find a job will be able to take part. Next electronic job fairs will take place on October 26 and November 26. We invite you to participate!

    A friendly mini-football tournament was held at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

    The competition was dedicated to the Independence Day of Turkmenistan and brought together teams from Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and Grodno State Medical University.
    The match has already become traditional for Yanka Kupala University. Each year it is imbued with a friendly atmosphere, the flavor of different cultures and competitive fervor. As Kirill Akulich, head of the sports club of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, noted, the involvement of foreign students in the social and sports life of the university is very important.
    - Each year, students become initiators of a friendly match, dedicated to the Independence Day of Turkmenistan. We very much welcome this initiative and always support them," said the Internationalization Education Center. - Issues of patriotic education are very important for young people in any country. It is great that we host international students from Grodno State Medical University every year. Competitions are always held in a very warm atmosphere. Although everyone wants to win, all the guys are good friends.
    Belarus has always been famous for its hospitality, and foreign students feel at home here. This year, not only the guys from Turkmenistan took part in a friendly match. Students from Uzbekistan and Iraq joined the game.
    - Thus, four teams were involved in the tournament. All of us were happy to take the field and fight for victory. Of course, an important part of this event is communication. It was great to meet at the match, to get congratulations from the Belarusians, Uzbeks and Iraqis on the Independence Day of Turkmenistan. We always look forward to this tournament and think that celebrating the holiday of our country with a sporting event is a great idea," said Gosha Sahedov (Turkmenistan), Chairman of Fraternities of International Students of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.
    Mergen Annaev, a student of YKSUG, also spoke about the hospitality and cohesion. The young man said that his team was warmly welcomed and he was happy to see his friends from Kupala University.
    - I am participating in the tournament for the first time, and I did not regret at all that I decided to take to the field. It's an interesting experience. Especially since we communicate with many of the guys not just in official meetings. In my opinion, it's great that such inter-university events take place. I was glad to be a guest of the students from Yanka Kupala University, - shared Mergen.
    The friendly mini-football tournament was held on a round robin basis, and the winner was decided on the basis of the total amount of points of each team. As a result, the team of students from Uzbekistan won bronze, Turkmen students from GrSMU won silver and the winners of gold were Kupala students from Turkmenistan. However, as the boys noted, the first place was not the most important thing in this match as there is nothing dearer than friendship and the spirit of unity.
    The event was organized by the Internationalization Education Center, the Sports Club and Sports and Health Sector of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

    Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno held the first classes within the framework of the teacher qualification improvement courses

    The innovative program of the courses "Improvement of the quality of teaching and learning" was developed by the consortium of the international project UNITELE, full members of which are representatives of Yanka Kupala University.
    The first classes of the course were held in the full-time distance format. In the welcome address to the students of the course the Head of Educational and Methodological Department of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Marina Kolotsev emphasized that the professional culture of quality should be actively formed on a personal level, the skills of critical analysis of the work done, the skills of reflexive behavior and understanding of the need for constant self-development and creative search for new forms of educational activity should be developed.
    The Belarusian coordinator of the UNITELE project, the chief specialist on international projects and programs of the Polotsk State University Sergey Peshkun presented the essence of the project, the key points of the course program and the procedure of its implementation to the students.
    - Rapid development of the society and economy requires rigorous and effective qualitative changes in the university environment - optimization of teachers' professional activities, effectiveness of educational programs and productive atmosphere of co-operation between teachers and students, - said Sergey Vasilevich. - We have to analyze, discuss, experiment, approbate and evaluate the tools that ensure the quality of teaching and come closer to understanding the 'ideal' quality of teaching.
    Then Oleg Kolyago, head of the Laboratory for Educational Innovation, told the audience about the course platform, the rules of study of academic modules, the mechanisms of interim and final assessment.
    The courses are moderated by Kupala University professors - experts and developers of training materials for the UNITELE project. Classes will be held weekly from September to December 2021. As a result, the trainees will develop skills in the effective use of tools to support and develop a culture of quality, learn innovative methods and technologies of teaching, learn how to organize teamwork, ways to improve leadership skills and social responsibility, learn to create a modern curriculum for the discipline and design an educational course.

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