Yuliya Zhurun, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, is among the winners of the student IT-Olympiad BIT-Cup

The Olympiad was held in Minsk for the fourth time and gathered more than 290 students from 32 higher and secondary special institutions of Belarus.

All the tasks for the participants were prepared by specialists of Belarusian and world IT companies such as Yandex, Promwad, R-StyleLab. The tasks were based on the products of the companies which will occur at the workplace of young professionals. This year the participants solved the problems on algorithms of data storage and processing, searched for multimedia solutions on the base of Embedded Linux and worked with databases for four hours.

The third place in the competition of R-Style Lab was awarded to Julia Zhurun, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the specialty "Information Systems and Technologies". Successful presentation was realized thanks to Yuri Stepin, the scientific adviser, the senior teacher of mathematical and information support of economic systems.

By the way, Yuliya participates in the Olympiad BIT-Cup for the second time. The girl likes the tasks that companies offer.

Yuliya said: “The tasks at the Olympiad are close to the real tasks that employees solve in the working process. There have been many cases when companies, having assessed the level of participants, afterward offered the best contestants a job or a period of probation”.

The girl is not satisfied with what she has already achieved. Next year Yuliya sets a goal to take the first place and become a part of one of the teams of the leading IT companies of the country.

A big sports holiday for disabled children was held at the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

The holiday was devoted to the XXIIIth Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in South Korea in 2018, the Day of the Disabled People and the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Grodno regional organization of the Belarus Red Cross Society, with the participation of the Day Care Center for People with Disabilities, holds this traditional event in the university for the seventh time. Small sports fans, their parents and grandparents gather in the gymnasium. Every year the holiday expands its borders, and the number of participants and volunteers, among which are students and teachers of the city's schools, as well as students of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, rises. Guys compete in the relay together; they show their speed, agility, and what is most important, the desire to win.

The organizers of the holiday said: “The guys competed in five sports, which symbolize the five rings of the Olympics. This time young athletes passed the Olympic flame, played hockey, biathlon, competed in ski races and slalom.”

The referring was realized by Inessa Larionova, the Head of the Day Center of the Red Cross, Natalia Syzrantseva, a teacher and methodologist of the Regional Center of Tourism and Local history of Grodno studies and Vitaly Khramov, the Head of the Department of Sports Disciplines, Doctor of Education.

The honoured guest of the event was Viktor Semenovich Kudlachev, a graduate of the Grodno special general boarding school for children with visual impairment, a member of the Writers' Union of Belarus, whose name is included in the Grodno Honour Book. By the way, the poet issued a book of poems for children in honor of the holiday; this book is dedicated to sports.

Another graduate of the boarding school for children with visual impairments, Vladimir Zhirov, delighted the participants of the event with rousing songs. A pleasant surprise for all was the performance of the dog handlers of the Grodno Regional Department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures with their dogs , who followed different orders and tricks from the general training course. After the performance, the guys could make a photo with four-footed rescuers. In addition, the guests of the holiday were entertained by vocal performance by the students of the Grodno boarding school for children with hearing impairment and Natalia Plaisha, a young gymnast and a pupil of secondary school No. 27.

At the end of the event, the guys received sweet prizes and bright emotions, which will last until the next holiday.

Inessa Larionova mentioned: “I'd like to express my gratitude to the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, especially to Tatyana Khramova and Olga Yurago, senior teachers of the Department of Physical Education and Sports, who help us to organize this holiday every year.  By holding such holidays, we want to show that disabled children are not limited at all. The holiday shows that we are all together: children, adults and volunteers. Everyone helps and supports each other. Here the weak knows that he can rely on the help of the strong, and the strong one is ready to come to the rescue at any moment. And then all boundaries are erased, and everyone receives a colossal charge!”

The Festival of Ethnic Cultures of Eastern Countries was held for the first time at the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

The event has become a stage of the “F.-ART.by”, the National festival of creativity of foreign students of institutions of higher education, which recently started in Minsk.

A rich creative program for guests, students and teachers of the faculty, was presented by students from six eastern countries. The guys offered to make a journey around Asia.

Foreign students from Azerbaijan, covered with mountains of extraordinary beauty, were the first to host in.The guys surprised the audience with lively dances. The journey was continued in sunny Turkmenistan, where guests were treated to national dishes and were presented a dance show. Colorful Turkey was the next stop after which the guests got to Armenia. A gentle eastern dance was performed by a senior teacher of sociology and special sociological disciplines Narine Avetyan, an organizer of the holiday. Soon the participants of the holiday got in the country, which gave rise to many civilizations, China. Here the guys got acquainted with Chinese characters and national dances. The journey completed in Bangladesh. Hasan Begari, a student of the Faculty of Education, read his favorite poem "Everything begins with love", which symbolized the love of peoples to each other and peace between them.

Narine Sumbatovna said: "Organizing the holiday, we wanted to acquaint students and teachers with the rich color of the countries, native to our foreign friends".  Folk dances, symbols of the countries of the East, the aroma of spices in the air ⎯ all this created a special atmosphere. And the costumes were really marvelous! Each of guests was able to note the features of cut, ornament and the combinations of colors. The national cuisine provoked particular interest.  It was extraordinarily diverse: pita, Azerbaijani pizza, shashlik, flour products with raisins. All these dishes could be tasted by guests, in order to experience the spirit of the East”.

As participants of the event said, such evenings brought students of different faculties and nationalities together, widen their horizons, give a sense of pride for their national traditions. This is an excellent opportunity not only to make new friends and communicate with representatives of different peoples, but also to learn something new and interesting and understand that the university is not only lectures and credits.

The faculty notes that holding such festivals will become a good annual tradition

The festival of national cultures "Rainbow of Tolerance" united foreign students of the Faculty of Pre-university Training of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno and schoolchildren of the gymnasium No. 5

This year the festival was held within the framework of the " F.-ART.bу" ,National festival of creativity of foreign students of institutions of higher education, under the slogan "We are different and this is our wealth, we are together  and this is our strength!"

Gymnasium No. 5 once again became a place for creativity not only for schoolchildren but also for foreign students of the Faculty of Pre-university Training from 14 countries: Belarus, Turkmenistan, China, Nigeria, Congo, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Pakistan, Germany, Iraq, Turkey, Ecuador , Cameroon, Nepal. Foreign guests introduced the audience the peculiarities of the national culture of their countries.

Master classes on origami and Chinese calligraphy successfully passed.

Elena Mohan, a senior lecturer of the Department of language training of Belarusian and foreign citizens, said: “Chinese students Gao Di, Wu YuYu and Zhou Xinyu demonstrated art technique of origami, taught Belarusian friends to make a jumping frog, this was especially liked by junior schoolchildren and a beautiful rose from which all girls were delighted. Shi Kan, Gu Tsin and Chi Shinwei gave a master class on Chinese calligraphy. Characters "Belarus", "China", "friendship" and personal names of participants have traditionally enjoyed great popularity among schoolchilden”.

Musical part of the festival, during which both students of the Faculty of Pre-university Training and schoolchildern of the gymnasium performed with musical and choreographic compositions, allowed nobody to be indifferent. At the festival songs were sung in Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Turkmen, Chinese and English. And presenters, Chao Tung, a student of the faculty of pre-university training and Veronika Kuzikevich, a young pedagogue of the gymnasium, kindly welcomed all the participants of the festival, keep up the mood of artists and spectators.

Spectators greeted with a prolong applause the Turkmen and Chinese international team, who performed the dance with umbrellas. The same pure and sonorous, like a mountain stream, was the performance of the song "Bracelet" by Shemshat Rahmanova.

Shi Kan from China introduced a song “Little Fortune”. And although he sang in Chinese, everyone understood the meaning of the song, because it was a song about love, and the language of love is understandable to everyone. Audience warmly supported Rihanna Adams from Nigeria, who sang a song “Star Warships”. All people join in a song “Katyusha”, which was presented by the “China-city” group. A song “Avalanche” performed by Chiara Gregor from Germany was very heartfelt. Khodavia Mantsiantima presented the audience a lyrical composition “Do not leave me”. Henry Carvahal (Ecuador) with his partner very gently and passionately performed a variety of salsa, bachatu.

Hospitable hosts are schoolchildren of the most creative gymnasium, who also delighted guests with gifts in return. Foreign students highly appreciated the beautiful vocal numbers and Belarusian national dances "Viarba", "Galepka" performed by the choreographic collective of Gymnasium No. 5.

In acknowledgment of gratitude, a student Sun Guohui presented a Chinese lantern, a symbol of the holiday, in memory of the meeting.

Students and undergraduates of the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno presented their projects in the semifinal of the Republican contest of projects "Information and Mobile Technologies for the Educational Process"

Semifinal of the contest was held in Minsk on November 29 in the framework of the 1st International specialized scientific and technical exhibition-forum "Information Technologies in Education. ITE - 2017 ".

In total, 120 applications were submitted for the contest, organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the MTS company. 40 applications reached the semifinal , among them two were sent from the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno. The proposed developments are interdisciplinary projects of students and undergraduates of various specialties of the Faculty of History, Communication and Tourism and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.
The students were given no more than three minutes for the presentation of the original idea of using information and communication technologies in the education system and persuading experts in the project's innovativeness.
Jury evaluated the tourist project "Music of centenary". Students of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno offer to organize a tourist trip around Belarus for young people in an updated, interesting and attractive format 2.0. It involves acquaintance with the significant objects of the cultural and historical heritage of the country by means of cultural, educational and interactive items. The project is designed for schoolchildren who will take an examination or centralized testing on the history of Belarus and for students of junior courses who are interested in the history of their country. Another project, presented to the experts, is an information and educational Internet resource "MediaHouse", which is devoted to media education.
Finalists of the second Republican contest of projects "Information and Mobile Technologies for the Educational Process" were announced by the jury on December 4.

The rules of getting higher education of the II stage are adjusted in Belarus

The rules for admission of persons for getting higher education of the second stage was amended by the governmental decree of November 17, 2017

Particularly, the document is established the right to enter the magistracy for correspondence and full-time (evening) form only for citizens who have worked for at least 10 months.

Persons who are granted asylum in Belarus also can participate in the competition for admission to the magistracy in the state institutions of higher education at the expense from the republican budget. This provision grants equal right for these persons to receive education as the citizens of Belarus.

With respect to incoming foreign citizens and stateless persons who are temporarily staying or temporarily residing in Belarus, the requirements for admission and the list of documents presented to the admission committee are specified. In addition, a further interview for the academic disciplines has been introduced, and it will help to attract more qualified specialists from this category of people to study at the second stage of higher education.

The document also specified the form of approval of the admission quatas (according to types of educational programs and forms of education). At the same time, norms have been introduced that require to inform the public on the number of places provided for higher education of the second stage at the expense of the budget, and separate contests for studies at the second stage of higher education by correspondence and full-time (evening) forms, paid from the budget and on a fee basis

In order to exclude cases of simultaneous enrollment in two or more institutions of higher education, the norm of granting to the admission committee not a copy of the higher education document but the original was introduced.

In addition, the resolution provides equal conditions for admission to the magistracy in institutions of higher education for all specialties of the agricultural profile.

The rules are specified the procedure for conducting introductory tests and also there are established the procedure for conducting an additional interview on academic subjects.

The document is provided some privileges for the admission to the magistracy without admission tests for persons awarded “The winner of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the social support of talented pupils and students” and “The winner of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for supporting talented youth”.

At the same time, a list of categories of people enjoying the preemptive right to get the higher education of the second education has been added: for a scientifically oriented magistracy, having a higher average grade of a first degree diploma or an education certificate; for a practical-oriented magistracy - received a diploma with distinction or having a higher average grade of a diploma of higher education of the first degree or an education document at the end of the first stage of higher education.

In addition, the decree introduced limits for enrollment within 30 days after the beginning of the academic year, of persons who participated but failed in the entrance competition, for vacancies that appeared as a result of deductions from higher education institution.

The foreign students of the Yanka Kupala state universitiy of Grodno became participants of the open Republican art festival of foreign students of institutions of higher education "F. – ART.by"

The opening of the festival took place at the international student day. Hundreds of foreign students from all universities of the country gathered for a scale celebration of cultures and people in the National library of Belarus. Among them are representatives of the Yanka Kupala state university of Grodno.

This year the festival passes under the motto "the Youth of the world: identity, solidarity, cooperation."

The festival worked interactive displays and was organized by the gala-program “Беларусь сустракае сяброў”("Belarus welcome friedns"). Kupala University provided an information platform for the export of educational services and the exhibition of creative works of foreign students "World impression".

 The representatives of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus, diplomatic corps, rectors and Vice-rectors of educational institutions of higher education of the Republic of Belarus participated in the event. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus, diplomatic corps, rectors and Vice-rectors of educational institutions of higher education of the Republic of Belarus. On behalf of the participants and guests of the solemn opening of the Republican festival was welcomed by the head of the main Department of educational work and youth policy Ministry of education Eduard Tomilchik.

– Large-scale events such as the Republican festival of creativity foreign students "F. – ART.by" unite people of all nationalities, representatives of which study in universities of the Republic of Belarus. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and tell everyone about our Alma Mater-shared his impressions the participant of the festival, the first-year student of the faculty of pedagogy Hassan Bepari.


The winner of the XXII contest of amateur art performances of first-year students "Alma mater – love from the first course" defined in the Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno.

The contest of amateur art performances among first-year students "Alma mater – love from the first year" become a  tradition, which for more than 20 years carried out in international Students day in Kupala’s university.

17th  November: On the main stage of the Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno, a new generation of talented, active, energetic and resourceful first year students of the four faculties originally revealed the theme of this year competition "Success begins with the first course."

Students of Law faculty did it better than others.Guys got a diploma of 1st place, prizes and a certificate for tour trip and also to be on cover of the magazine about the city of Grodno. By the way, the team of the faculty for the second consecutive year, becoming the best in the competition.

 Second place won  by  the team of faculty of Physical Culture, third – the team of foreign students. Diploma of the participant's team received the faculty of Innovative Mechanic Engineering.

A University-wide celebration of talent was visited by the Vice-rectors, deans, staff and teachers. To support the finalists came with their parents, friends and students of this university – those who have a passion for this creative project and to the university.

The contest opened by first rector Irina Kiturko, who congratulated all the students with the International students day and noted that the competition is very important, as it allows to unite the students, helps them make friends and discover the talents. Irina Fedorovna wished the students to carry the love for their “alma mater” through life and always remember that they are part of a big family of Kupala university.

Warmed up the hall before the final performances,show of the best dance performances that the students presented during the qualifying rounds.

The competition program started with a presentation of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering. The guys offered a hall with a faculty student to travel back in time and moved the audience first in the 70-ies of the last century in the office of the then unknown company Steve Jobs, then in the days of the great artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, the next stop was the eighteenth century – the time of life and creativity of Alexander Pushkin, ended the journey in the dressing room of the infamous Marilyn Monroe. She learned how each of these famous people achieved success and what obstacles they had to overcome. In conclusion, kopilovtsi noted that all the discoveries made by these people is the ability to change the world for the better, and succeed who makes these discoveries selflessly.

Students of faculty of physical culture ,transformed the stage of the university, in the circus called "Value of the Manege" . The boys story  – it is memories of a clown who thanks to their determination and fortitude helped to rise his team of circus artists, clowns, acrobats – and to repel evil and greedy director. The name of the circus students have chosen not by chance: the Values of the Manege are universal values such as solidarity, team spirit, willingness to go forward and not give up no matter what. It is from this, according to the guys, starts the success of any person.

Cheerful musical from students of the Law faculty of amused spectators. The story of students begins in our days, when one of the students suggested that experience and the success of his ancestor, whom is fearless Robin Hood. Students presented an exciting story of forest brigand, who thanks to the skill and ingenuity overcomes many obstacles on his way and is not afraid to conquer new heights. History students cut off abruptly at the most interesting moment.

No matter how spectacular the success of our ancestors, we should write our story ourselves – the final phrase of students.

The celebration ended with the cognitive performance of foreign students. The guys played a game of "Who wants to be a millionaire?". Answers to questions on the history and traditions of the East,answers to main character were not easy, helpers in the game for him were the many memories of the colorful events that took place at the University, and the knowledge that he got from teachers and friends. All of it helped the hero to win the money for celebration of international Students day , but together with friends he decided to send them to charity. Successful, it's someone who is generous.

In the framework of the competition, the jury awarded diplomas to the winners of the faculty representatives in 15 categories.

So, in the nomination "the Best choreography" has won the faculty of history, communication and tourism.

Best dance team recognized as team of the law faculty. Magister of the faculty Igor Azarov and first-year student Gleb Kumantsov won in the category "Best male role and Best male role of the second plan", respectively. Also the team became the best in nomination "Best Direction".

The victory in the nomination "Best actress" went to the representative of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering Polina Sitsko, "the Best female role of the second plan" – also a student of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering  Polina Gubeshko.

The best recitation was presented by the student of the faculty of innovative mechanic engineering Alexei Petrov.

Best set design were at the faculty of physical culture. In addition, the students presented the best shows of original genre.
           The best singer, according to the jury, recognized the student of the faculty of arts and design, Anastasia Sanko, singer – student of the faculty of mathematics and Informatics, Pham Van Anh, best vocal ensemble – the team of philological faculty.
           The best final song was performed by the freshmen of the faculty of biology and ecology.
           The best scenario was the team of foreign students.

Partners of the contest of Amateur art  performances of first-year students "Alma mater – love from the first course" was organized by the trade union of the  Yanka Kupala State university of Grodno.NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" and RPA “Belaya Rus”

The President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko approved the appointment of Iryna Kiturka as the Rector of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

BelTA informs that the Head of state considered personnel issues and made a number of appointments on December 7.

Iryna Kiturka was appointed as the Rector of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, who held the post of the Senior Vice-Rector of the university before. Alina Korbut - as the Rector of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

Coordinating the appointment of new Heads of higher educational institutions, Alexander Lukashenko noted that next year he intends to pay special attention to communication with student groups. The Head of state emphasized the special importance of higher education, which trains the personnel and actually forms the future of the country in various directions.

"I am confident that next year there will be a series of meetings with student groups," said Alexander Lukashenko. - This is our future indeed. They will "run" the society tomorrow and determine the vector of development.

The President plans to focus precisely on those issues that are important for today's youth and students not only at the present time, but also in the future.


Student of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Alexandra Radkovich the winner of the regional stage of the Republican contest "Student of 2017"

Alexandra will present the Grodno region in the final of the Republican contest "Student of  2017", which will be held in December in Minsk.

Alexandra’s rivals on the regional stage was student of  Grodno State Agrarian University  Evgenia Bobnis and student of Grodno state Medical University Vladislav Shishko.In the framework of the correspondence round, the contestants presented to jugde a portfolio and a funny video about student life. In the final, which was held today, November 16, at the Youth Center of "Grodno", the guys competed in three competitions.

During the first competition of self-presentation "I am a student" the participants were talking about themselves, their achievements and plans.

The second competition – intellectual – was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book printing. Here, students demonstrated their oratory skills and eloquence. Alexandra Radkovich compared knowledge-with the sea, wide open spaces were people like sailboats, roams throughout their life .And the first Belarusian who went to conquer the "sea" of printing was Francisk Skorina.

Completed the final challenge with creative competition Belarus – the land of inspirationin which contestants recited poems and prose works of his own composition, sang and danced.Upon the Jugde's decision, the title of  "Student of  2017" was awarded student of the philological faculty of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno Alexandra Radkovich.As noted by the jury, the Alexandra captivated everyone with her sincerity, and competitive performances in her native Belarusian language made to penetrate to our student sincere sympathy.

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