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Conducted tour to the Waste Recycling Plant of Grodno

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Conducted tour to the Waste Recycling Plant of Grodno

On 13 December, 2019 the local environmental initiative "URA Grodno!" together with the non-governmental association "Eco-Monitoring" organized an educational conducted tour of the Waste Recycling Plant of Grodno for young consumers to promote an environmentally friendly way of life (including the need for rational use of natural resources).


School students have made a discovery for themselves: if the garbage is sorted and thrown into a specialized container, it becomes a resource for the production of something new.

When we do not sort the garbage and throw everything into mixed waste, everything is sorted manually by other people and the already sorted waste is further sent for recycling. If the garbage cannot be recycled, then everything is sent to the landfill, where it slowly decomposes, smells bad, and poisons the soil and air.

At our Waste Recycling Plant of Grodno, 32 types of salvageable commodities are sorted and subsequently transferred. And even Tetra Pack packaging (which is not being recycled anywhere so far) is stored and then sent to the landfill, until an effective way to separate paper, metal and plastic for further recycling is created.

Another pride of the plant is the production of the famous unbreakable paving stones made of plastic using special technologies.

The conducted tour of the Waste Recycling Plant of Grodno was organized as part of the environmental initiative "URA Grodno!", which aims to promote the development of civil science in the urban and suburban area, as well as the responsibility of citizens for the environment of the local community.

EC-funded project "Ecomonitoring" implemented by UNDP in Belarus in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus.

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